10 Changes Planet Lazarus Needs To Make In The DC Universe

With New York Comic Con in full swing, DC Comics started making big announcements. So far, it was bigger Planet Lazarus. spinning from Batman vs. RobinThe story deals with the eruption of the Lazarus volcano, an event that gives people all over the world powers, and changes the nature of things.

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With talent such as Mark Wade, Jane Lowen Yang, Billy Tan, Nicole Maines, Philip Kennedy Johnson, Riccardo Federici, Frances Manapole, Dan Waters and many others involved, Planet Lazarus It looks like a barn stove for an event. As with every event, there is always the potential for change. With such an interesting setting and talent included, there are plenty of ways this story could change the DC world for the better.

10/10 Entirely new heroes and villains can be introduced

The eruption of the Lazarus volcano caused the Lazarus clouds to move to Earth. DC could use this a lot in the same way that Marvel did with the Terrigen Mists clouds that Black Bolt launched in endless To introduce new characters. The teasers show familiar DC characters with changing powers and costumes, but this is a chance for some fresh blood.

DC several times tried to do events that introduced new characters, such as blood strains And the Dark Knight Metalwith varying degrees of success. Planet Lazarus It could do this, too, but with unbridled new possibilities.

9/10 It can highlight unused corners of the DC universe

. teasers Planet Lazarus Lots of well-known characters appear, but it’s time for an experiment. DC has a deep seat of cool B and C characters that are not being used at the moment. By its promise of the changes and chaos it brings, Planet Lazarus He needs to draw on parts of the DC Universe that have gotten very little love in the past few years.

The DC Universe seems to have shrunk in recent years, and Lazarus planet He has the power to fix that. Lazarus clouds are an unprecedented event, which can be used to show the vastness of the DC universe as a whole.

8/10 Lazarus Planet can be used to revitalize the Chinese side of the DC universe

Placing the Monkey King front and center on a teaser is a bold move, and it could lead to something great. With writer Jin Luen Yang involved, it looks like DC could use this event as an opportunity to bring back its Chinese heroes. Superman Kenan Kong is a fan favorite, but it’s only the beginning.

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There’s the Chinese Batman and Wonder Woman, but the Return of the Top Ten might be the most interesting. A group of heroes working for the Chinese government, they were a strong but underutilized team and could definitely come back to help deal with the chaos of the Lazarus clouds.

7/10 It’s time to pay poison ivy

Poison Ivy has become a morally gray figure in recent years. While it’s often hard to argue against her, his methods can be awful when it comes to her. Ivy is getting a fairly big boost at the moment, so bringing her up at a big event like this is a good next step.

Poison Ivy has always had a lot of potential as an anti-hero, so this is a step in the right direction for her. Clouds of Lazarus could give her more control over the green and put her in a new place in the levels of the DC Universe. On top of that, it will give her a chance to define herself apart from Harley Quinn, something the character desperately needs.

6/10 Doctor fate needs more fame

Doctor Fate has a rich history in the DC universe. The Helmet of Fate has been passed down to many different holders over the years, with Khaled Nassour, a student of the original Fate Kent Nelson currently running. With Nelson’s release also about to make its big screen premiere Black Adam DC needs to take advantage of this. Planet Lazarus It could be part of the Doctor Fate batch.

One of the teaser images shows Batman with a helmet, so this is a sign he’s going to be playing a role. This event could be a perfect time to show off to readers what exactly a helmet can do and launch a new Doctor Fate series.

5/10 If everything Batman should have, at least be smart about it

Planet Lazarus spins out Batman vs. Robin, Batman is front and center for each teaser image. DC’s Batman obsession is well documented, with the publisher falling back on the character a lot. One problem with the way DC has used Batman in the past few years is that they haven’t used it to build new characters or reintroduce old ones. This needs to change.

with Planet Lazarus Since you’re Batman-centric, it’s the perfect time to use Batman to build the DC universe. Fans are tired of every Batman, all the time. However, this event can cleverly use Batman and the eyes he puts on the product to broaden the publisher’s horizons.

4/10 A change in John Kent’s powers could bring about a change in his status quo

Jon Kent proves his cut is Superman, but with his father back and restarting, there is a danger that Jon will fall by the wayside. Jon’s status quo is deadlocked right now, and he could use something new to keep him as a lively character. A teaser shows John his father’s ancient electrical powers, which would surely be a bullet in his arm.

While an argument can be made that electric forces were never put to good use in the 1990s after Morrison JLA, Giving Jon something new to master and conquer is definitely a good move for the character. Changing the status quo is always a good thing, and John could use something new.

3/10 The power girl should be pushed towards the moon

Power Girl has always been a fan favorite, but recent years have seen her exit from the DC Universe in the turmoil of the new post-52 era. With the return of the Justice League, it could be made into a vital part of the DC Universe once again. The presence of the powerful legacy hero in the teaser of the publisher’s next big event should start a new push for Power Girl.

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Power Girl has a lot of fans who haven’t spent any time with her since the end of New 52 Earth 2. Making it such a big part of the DC Universe would be a good fit and show that the publisher is serious about bringing back fan favorites.

2/10 Cyborg can use more lights

A cyborg has changed a lot over the years, but the experience of making him a first class has mostly stopped. That’s a shame considering that Cyborg is easily among the most popular characters in DC outside of comics. He has starred in many generation-defining cartoons, live-action shows, and has been in films.

Cyborg is another character put to the fore in jest, using Planet Lazarus Restarting his failed push is the right thing to do. Cyborg is a beloved DC character, and the publisher needs to redouble its efforts to make him a star again.

1/10 The Martian Manhunter has always been the secret weapon

The Martian Manhunter is the Swiss army knife of the DC heroes, but it was also a hard sell when it came to individual success. There’s something about the character that makes him better in the team books, but DC has ignored it even since the end of the Scott Snyder story Justice Squad Being. His last backups are in work comics And the A world without a bond of justice: a wonderful woman Show that there is definitely potential for the character, though.

Martian Manhunter appears in many teasers for Planet Lazarus. The Martian Manhunter has always been DC’s secret weapon, and using this event to prove it would be great for skeptics. He could easily be at the level of Superman, and it’s time to make it happen.

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