10 DC planets we want to see more of

DC Comics has a wide and vast universe that includes many worlds and genres. Each of these planets has its own unique histories and life forms, all of which are interesting in their own right. The DCU is set overwhelmingly on Earth, so it’s understandable that the wider DC universe sees less exploration than many fans would like.

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All of these DC planets are worth further exploration, but some are filled with more potential than others. Whether it’s the underworld of Apocalypse or the living planet, Mojo, there have always been planets worth exploring in DC’s continuity. New worlds mean new characters and stories, and recent comics have shown what world-building can do for a superhero universe.

10/10 Seeing more of Mars would be good for Jon Jones

Strange hands holding the bloody Martian Manhunter in DC Comics

Originally the home of the Justice League’s Martian Manhunter, the planet Mars has been mired in tragedy in the DCU. The densely populated population of the red planet is destroyed, and Jon Jones is usually thought of as the only survivor in the world, just like Superman is with Kryptonian.

More stories that explore Martian history, even in the years before Jones existed, might be interesting. Just as readers haven’t seen enough of Krypton, the Manhunter from the home of Mars has plenty of lands for writers to explore. This red soil is a fertile ground for new stories to grow.

9/10 Mojo will never stop being interesting

Mojo and the Green Lantern Corps in DC Comics

Mojo is the sentient planet of DC and, as it happens, a powerful Green Lantern. The sentient world has the ability to alter its surface activity as a means of self-defense. While a great idea, Mogo is usually reduced to a cameo character who gets pulled in when all else fails in the GLC.

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Mogo has a lot of story potential, no matter how you use it. It could serve as an emergency base for the Green Lantern Corps or fans could see how Mogo’s alternate villain could turn out in his world. The universe of characters will be in good hands with writers who specialize in cosmic stories and they can finally get the exploration they deserve.

8/10 Fans can’t get enough of Kryptonian’s past

Jor-El and Lara together in DC Comics

Ever since Superman gave birth to the superhero genre in 1938, fans have been in awe of his home world, Krypton. The trials and tribulations of the planet are detailed in some of the comics set before its destruction, but few delve into the rich history of Krypton outside of L’s home.

Krypton was an advanced civilization, home to the science-oriented House of El, and was riddled with political strife. Characters like Zod, Jor-El, and Brainiac could appear in Kryptonian stories, or writers could focus on the planet’s deeper history.

7/10 Oa can become almost anything

The Green Lantern homeworld Oa in DC Comics

Since Geoff Thorne’s Green Lantern run created an interesting new future for Green Lanterns, Oa had great potential. Now that the Green Lantern Corps has been transformed and John Stewart has ascended as the new god, almost anything can happen in the Guardians’ homeworld.

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Oa’s changes may be undone in the Dawn era of DC, but that doesn’t change the planet’s fascinating history and important place in the DCU. The powerhouse of the universe will always be one of DC’s most important planets, and fans will never get bored of his legacy of good intentions and blunders.

6/10 New composition counteracts the darkness of Apokolips

The City of New Gods hovers on the surface of New Genesis in DC Comics

Along with sister planet Apokolips, New Genesis is home to many of DC’s New Gods. Led by the noble Supreme Father, the gods of New Genesis have far nobler intentions than their counterparts in the Darkseid universe.

In general, DC fans have seen little of the new Genesis from Apokalips. It’s home to an interesting cast of characters like Orion and Forager, as well as familiar faces like Mister Miracle and Big Barda. In stark contrast to Apokolips, New Genesis is an idyllic world known for its beauty and grandeur.

5/10 Apokolips always makes for some great stories

Apokalips eats other worlds in DC Comics

Created by Jack Kirby, Apokolips is the home world of the universe’s evil New Gods, led by Darkseid himself. Apokolips is also home to Granny Goodness, Kalibak, and the Female Furies, a world that strikes terror into the hearts of many in the DC Universe.

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Apokolips is essentially an inferno, a planet where pits of fire and paradonons make life unimaginable for their people and the inhabitants of other worlds. Whether it’s a deep dive into the planet’s mysteries or superficial tensions, there’s a lot DC could do with Apokolips, exploring its politics or just the lives and beliefs of its oppressed people.

4/10 Qward is still a mystery

Qward's antimatter universe contains a yellow power battery in DC Comics

The planet Qward was created by the mistake of the Oan scientist, Krona. It is occupied by Thunderers, a species created by the Anti-Monitor after its birth in the antimatter universe. Qward begs for more exploration from DC but in fairness, so does the entire antimatter universe.

Qward resides at the center of the DC antimatter universe, hidden from nearly all eyes across the multiverse. Some of the Thundersmiths are specialized weaponsmiths known as Weaponers, who helped forge the various color spectrum rings for the many Lantern Corps.

3/10 Seeing Adam as a stranger to Ran would be great

Adam Strange and Hawks on the Run in DC Comics

Ran is best known as the planet Adam Strange travels to when the mysterious Zeta rays teleport to him. Ran is at war with Thanagar and encounters threats on its surface, he is constantly under threat and is grateful for Strange’s protection.

Ran leads the scientist Sardath, and his daughter, Alanna, is one of the planet’s heroes and the wife of Adam Strange. Whether it’s due to their war with Thanagar, societal conflict, or other cosmic threats, Rann is a special treat for science fiction fans.

2/10 Thanagar has always been one of the most interesting planets in the capital

Hawkman flies over Thanagar in DC comics

One of the many home worlds for Hawkman, Thanagar is central to intergalactic politics within the DCU. Thanagar has been embroiled in a war with Rann on and off for many years, a conflict that has seen its highs and lows. The book developed some elements of Thanagarian culture, but a planet with this kind of deep knowledge could always use additional world building.

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Thanagar was inspired by ancient civilizations such as Sparta, with its military society and warrior culture. Their influence has spread across the galaxy, from their sprawling empire to their military association with the United Planets Forces.

1/10 Fans want to see Warworld and its people

Superman dons awesome armor in DC Comics' Warworld Saga

Warworld has always been one of the most interesting planets in the DC universe. Thanks to Philip Kennedy Johnson’s “Warworld Saga,” the planet once dominated by Mongol has never been more interesting. After a revolution led by Superman overthrew the planet’s tyrant, help the hero lead the planet to safety.

The future of the now liberated peoples of Warworld remains uncertain, and the planet of fractured cultures united by their association with Superman is intriguing. With so many plot threads surrounding the planet left hanging loose, Johnson and the other creators have the work cut out for them when they develop the future of Warworld and the fate of its people.

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