2022 Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 2

Welcome to the first edition of 2022 Bring on the Cats Big 12 Power Rankings. Remember that this is not a rating of how good a team actually is, and this is not a ranking. But it’s pretty much sort of categorized as “what you did to me recently”, and it’s not 100% dangerous. So feel free to get angry regardless.

I was on the verge of not writing those words this week and was totally planning on waiting until we had three games under our belts this season to sort things out right, but after the classic #collegefootballsaturday that included the El Assico saga in Iowa City and some bullshit in Morgantown, I decided to go ahead and break it A week ago. So let’s dive into the Big 12 and rank it hard!

Yes, BYU 2-0 on the season and I managed to beat #9 Baylor in Provo in double overtime. The Cougars open the season at 1-0 in Big 12 play, a mark that will remain unchallenged the rest of the season. Next up is another tough challenge as BYU heads to Oregon to face the ducks at the Autzen Zoo.

I thought about putting it Texas Tech Here, but K-State got the nod this week to take full control of Missouri on a rain-soaked day in Manhattan. The K-State defense didn’t allow relegation in 120 minutes of football (I totally refuse to admit what happened at the end of the game against a third-series defense that, correctly, assumed the match was over). Next is a visit from Tulane, who is 2-0 on the season, but has played for UMass and FCS Alcorn State.

The Reds gave the Reds a 17-3 first-half lead against Houston #25 and needed a last-second field goal to force overtime, but they managed to keep the Cougars on a field goal in the second overtime period before scoring for victory. . Also, LOL at Tech Fans for rushing into the field after the match. Your team went (and won!) at a ball game last season, and that was it Just Houston. Next is a trip to Raleigh, NC to face NC State.

Yes seriously. For the first time since 2009 Kansas Jayhawks They are 1-0 in the Big 12, and for the first time since 2011 they started the season 2-0. Lance Leipold has really worked some wonders in Lawrence, and if he can keep up, it’s entirely possible that it will be his last season in Lawrence (Especially now that Frost is officially out in Lincoln). Next on the ‘Hawks’ is a trip to Houston to face the Cougars.

The helpless didn’t do anything wrong – wrong – wrongBut that doesn’t mean they were exceptional in any way. OU is 2-0, but struggled early against Kent State and slipped 3-0 before finally getting up just before halftime to score a 33-3 win. And they won’t face a severe test until they open their Big 12 match against K-State on September 24, because next for the Sooners is the train wreck that is Nebraska.

The 38-13 win at Boulder to open the season was a good start to the Sonny Dykes era at Ft. Deserves. They followed that up with a 59-17 win over FCS Tarleton State last weekend to go 2-0 up on the season. The Horned Frogs are getting an early farewell this week before heading across the metroplex to face SMU on the 24th.

Like their Sooner State buddies, the Cowboys did nothing wrong, but they didn’t look quite as good as their season opener. They nearly opened the season to allow the Michigan quarterback to come back and steal the win at Stillwater, then fell to an early pit 3-0 this weekend against Arizona State before finally getting up to win 34-17. Next is a game break, as they welcome FCS Arkansas-Pine Bluff to Stillwater to close the non-conference roster.

Iowa State started the season 2-0, and now holds the Cy-Hawk Cup for the first time since 2014 – way back when Paul Rhodes was still the head coach at Ames. The last three wins came at El Assico in Iowa, and play number 69 was particularly brutal. The Clones took a 10-7 win in regulation, thanks to Iowa kicker Aaron Bloom who stopped a field goal at the last second that would have had to overtime. Next up for Iowa is a visit from the Bobcats in Ohio. Can they remain undefeated?

you know what? The long horns may not be as soft as the Charmin’s anymore. Sure, they fell to Alabama in a preview of their future at the SEC, but the Horns held a late lead against Crimson Tide #1, and Bama needed a last-second field goal to escape Austin with the win. So Texas isn’t #back, but it looks like they might not finally be the joke they’ve been in for the better part of a decade. Next on the Longhorns is a tough competition against UTSA. The Road Runners played in four overtime periods combined in their first two games, narrowly losing to Houston and barely beating the Army this weekend.

I give Texas the advantage of narrowly losing to Alabama in regulation due to Baylor losing to BYU in overtime. And the Bears’ win over FCS UAlbany isn’t inspiring either. We won’t really know if Baylor will compete for the Big 12 title again until they travel to Ames on September 24. The Bears’ next game is a home game against Texas State in Waco. Bobcats may already be in a fight, so the bears need to be careful not to be the next victims of #FunBelt.

11. Houston

Houston’s double loss in overtime to Tech dropped them to third place from the teams 1-1, especially with the Cougars rated and the unranked Red Raiders. But even though Houston’s playoff hopes have been dashed, they are still a good team that can make quite a bit of buzz this season. We will know a lot more about them next weekend against a Kuwait University team that appears to be quietly improving.

The Bearcats lost to Arkansas in Fayetteville to open the season, quickly dashing their hopes of repeating the lead to the CFP. And winning their home field opening over FCS Kennesaw State isn’t something to write about, at least not enough to put them in front of any other losing teams one above them. Next is a visit from the Redhawks of Miami (OH), and anything is possible when it comes to #MACtion.

The Knights are the last teams to lose 1 this week, with a victory over FCS South Carolina State to open the season followed by Orlando’s loss to Louisville. They cannot lose at home to the unseeded Cardinals and we expect to rise on this list. UCF started sluggish last season, and it’s looking the same this season. Next is a trip across the Atlantic coast to Boca Raton, where they will encounter the Florida Atlantic.

14. Missouri

The Tigers looked interesting after the win over Louisiana Tech, but they fell flat on their faces when they had to play for the Big 12 team.

15. Texas A&M

The Aggies fell victim to #FunBelt, despite spending millions on their head coach and roster, and over a million to bring Appalachian State to College Station. But they are still 1-1.

16. Colorado

The Buffs are 0-2 after falling to the TCU in Boulder and being bombed by the Air Force in Colorado Springs. He might not want them back in the Big 12 after all.


What an epicly awesome way to check out the opening of the conference – falling in front of KU at home in a pick 6 in overtime. The Mountaineers nearly lost it in regulation after succumbing by 14 points to drop by 14, then needed a comeback in the fourth quarter to force overtime. And then after succumbing to the relegation to open the extra time, they nearly lost on an incomplete pass that was initially faltering. But then things got a lot worse, as JT Daniels’ pass was intercepted in the next play and he went back down. The WVU is the only team to start the season 0-2, and Neil Brown’s bench should feel the white heat after showing negative progress in his four seasons in Morgantown.

18. Nebraska


Nebraska at least finally fired Scott Frost, but decided not to wait for the acquisition to drop in three weeks. Maybe I should have just fired him at the end of last season…

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