3 notes from Sixers’ first pre-season games

Through three pre-season games, the Philadelphia 76ers She is 3-0 pounds, including a pair of explosive wins. Given the limited workload of the key players for each team, the results are irrelevant. As always, the process is noteworthy and can help shape certain expectations ahead of next week’s regular season debut and beyond. With nearly half of the potential turn different from the 2021-22 Sixers, there are things to learn. Let’s dive in.

D’Anthony gives Melton and D’Anthony takes Melton

The opening 53 minutes of Milton’s fifth NBA campaign saw him give up his jumper, only drilling 2 of his 11 long balls so far. However, the Milton Framework that activates the rotation of Philadelphia can easily be distinguished as a leading reserve. Not only does he provide versatile defensive services, but his cohesive style of play, something the Sixers have generally lacked over the past half-decade, makes quality appearances for his teammates.

Joel Embiid, James Harden, Therese Maxi, and Tobias Harris will direct hordes of eyeballs and puncture defenses for others to take advantage of. This is where Milton can thrive, and fitting in alongside that quartet in a five-man unit is seamless.

Although he scored “only” three assists – albeit in 15 minutes – his play link was on full display on Monday. The pass pass was also his favourite from three matches. He frequented the open space to determine the end point and cross the island of the offensive property.

Milton’s first two passes were made on Monday in a transition period, an area he appears to have the power to motivate and advance the pace of early attacking opportunities. However, doing so leads to diverse results. As explained in his game crash In late June, making an aggressive Melton decision can be exhausting at worst and mercurial at best. He’s getting closer than ever this season.

Instead of quick interruptions at the start, Milton will probably be ground spaces that fill the lanes. He’s not a good playmaker or shooter, two skills commonly associated with ingenious open court creation. It’s a great shooter, though; That’s how he should amplify the Philadelphia transition game. When he maneuvers the fairway, his flaws assume more importance and contribute to his poor scoring numbers.

Embiid is certainly barely playing and Harden hasn’t been a good fit for Brooklyn, so the hope is that a whole host of talent narrows his offensive role into a more perfect framing. But some of those possessions highlight concerns about Milton’s offensive operation and areas he can remedy to exalt himself as a squatter moving forward.

Sixers diversified the rules of the game

Last season, Philadelphia’s offensive line didn’t include many actions geared toward kicking off the ball. Now, most major floor spacers—Maxey, Danny Green, Seth Curry (pre-trade) and Georges Niang—were more suitable for stationary shooters. In addition, the Embiid is more comfortable taking scroll readings when the surrounding staff is stationary, and side actions during Harden-Embiid pick-and-roll can be difficult to synchronize with timing, with the menu adapting in the middle of the flying season. However, the shooting movement was not significantly distinguished.

While it didn’t suddenly become groundbreaking, the Sixers seemed to have added some wrinkles that they were already breaking periodically. In the first place, they run a parking lot staggered on the side of the bottom for someone like Niang. Isaiah Joe has been published in this collection as well. This isn’t the only way shooters find long-range opportunities in the action, just the main aspect. Among the expected rotation players, Niang and Harris are the stars of this supplement.

In general, overlapping screens, whether they are inside or outside the ball, are one of the pillars of a pre-season attack. Sixers manage a large number of double pull. Harden hit a draw triple on Monday that flowed from passing the ball to the zigzag ball screen.

Obviously, this seems like a basic flexible principle in the 2022-23 Philadelphia offensive that will diversify how Niang and Harris find their trios.

Danwell House, finds a foothold

After she missed the opening match of the Sixers season against Brooklyn Networks, House made his 2022-23 debut on Wednesday riding a perfect 5-of-5 shooting line for 13 points through two rounds. He took one shot and played 10 minutes in the team’s home win Cleveland CavaliersBut it left a more steadfast imprint on Monday. Scored 14 minutes, tried four shots and drilled three times. But what really stood out were his defensive contributions.

He spent much of the second half arguing with All-Star goalkeeper Darius Garland and showing how he could enhance Philadelphia’s defensive cap and versatility. Garland certainly won a few of their small fights, but House’s 6-foot-7 stature, energy and range presented problems for the 22-year-old. He scored a pair of thefts, and he probably should have been credited with three. The fluidity with which he works at this size stands out, particularly in the way he navigates between screens.

Along with Tucker and Milton, House has been a welcome addition off the season and is expected to bolster Philadelphia’s solid defensive side a year ahead. Although pre-preparation did not specify whether or not he would, his presentation on Monday gave more credence to the possibility that he would do so.

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