5 New York Giants Watching Closely In Week One Against The Tennessee Titans

The talk and anticipation is almost over as the New York Giants travel to Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans to unlock the 2022 regular season campaign. This will be the first time We can really rate it What kind of team Big Blue will be this season under new coach Brian Dabol.

As with every game, you want to pay attention to each player and see how the team is performing in all three phases of the game. But on Sunday, there are five players that you need to keep a close eye on because they will play a big role in determining the outcome. Here are the five you should watch on Sunday afternoon.

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Daniel Jones

New York Giants
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Daniel Jones makes or breaks the season He begins with a difficult first mission against the Titans. Last season, Tennessee held its opponent at 20.8 points per game and tied for fifth as the league’s best player. Although Tennessee will be without its lead artist from last season in Harold Landrythey still have plenty of playmakers in the defense led by Kevin Bayard who has earned the All-Pro safety twice.

This will be the first time we can assess how quickly Jones understood the attack that Daboll and attack coordinator Mike Kafka installed. They want Jones to put the ball into the hands of his makers in the middle and deep passes and above all else, avoid making costly mistakes.

Great show by Daniel Jones Sunday can be a sign of things to come and instill confidence and attack. If he has a subpar performance, it could mark the beginning of the end of his time in New York.

I will be Barclay

New York Giants
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Now that we’re into the regular season, the New York Giants Their playbook will open which means they get the ball in Barkley’s hand any way they can.

Throughout the training camp, the Giants would line up Barkley all over the field so they could deliver the ball to him in space and mismatch a lot. The star who runs fast backwards, out of reach, and ran hard all summer, now is the time to see if he can do it when it matters most. Barkley will be the focal point of the New York attack not just on Sunday but for the entire season, and they will need him to have more than 100 multi-purpose yards if they are to come out of the crash.

Ty Crowder and Austin Caletro

New York Giants
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Titans live and die with a powerful running game led by Derek Henry. Slowing down Henry’s 6’3 247 pounds was a daunting task for Big Blue, and that task became even more difficult after the release of Blake Martinez last week.

The burden of trying to contain Henry will be placed on Ty Crowder and Austin Caletro being the start from the inside on the unofficial depth chart in New York. Martinez’s release was a surprising move by the Giants since he led the team in 2020 with 151, and because New York’s first three opponents feature star appearances.

Crowder started all 17 games last season and would have ended up leading the team in tackles (130) in large part to Martinez’s loss of the season in week three with an AFC Champions League rupture. Caletro started nine games during his four-year career and will make his Giants debut on Sunday.

Expect Henry to have a 20-over load, and when he’s not in the game, Tennessee will still try to hit the ball with running backs Dontrell Hilliard and Hassan Haskins. If Crowder and Calitro dunk into the Earth Titans match, it would be a long day for the Giants.

Kadarius Tony

New York Giants
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In today’s NFL, it’s imperative to have a number one wide receiver who can win one in one game, and become a dependable, reliable target in the middle. Cadarius Tony is that one for giants.

Toney has dealt with lower leg issues over the summer, but after looking so good in Tuesday’s training, the sophomore receiver appears to be doing fine. The Titans have two small corners above their depth chart in Christian Fulton entering his third season, and rookie Roger McCreary.

Look for the Giants to try to take advantage of the rookie by having Tony double-move and take chances with him on the field. Across the league, people are expecting Tony to have a breakthrough season if he can keep himself healthy. Sunday will be his first chance to prove he’s the number one legitimate recipient.

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