5 Reasons Boss Bosses Trade for Brian Burns of Panthers

It is no secret that a file Kansas City Chiefs Need another pass.

With the start of the season, there were reasons to be optimistic about the passing rush. Defensive rookie end, George Karlavtes looked great during pre-season games. We were able to look forward to the addition of Carlos Dunlap, a full season with Chris Jones in the defensive tackle and maybe even a toned down and more effective Frank Clarke.

But so far, only one of these things has come to fruition. While Jones has had a great season, the rest of the passers on the team struggle to press without a lightning release.

2022 is a transitional season in Kansas City. Although there is plenty of turnover already established, there will likely be more in 2023. Next season, the team will have needs in premium (and costly) positions – including offensive tackle, edge pushing and wide receiver.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers falls apart. After setting the record 1-4 to start the season, the team fired coach Matt Rowley. In the first week under interim coach Steve Wilkes, things didn’t get much better. The Los Angeles rams He defeated Carolina 24-10.

So far there is some speculation that the EDGE elite could be on the move.

Brian Burns of the Panthers is now in his fourth year after being drafted to 16th Florida In 2019. He collected 29.5 sacks and six forced fouls in his career and was selected in Pro Bowl In 2021. Burns is very fast – and despite being the only real threat to sack the quarterback in Carolina’s defensive line, he has been successful.

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, November 1. The bosses have the opportunity to improve a valuable position in the long run. Speculation about a possible trade for Burns got stronger on Tuesday when we learned it Kansas City has cleared some cover space.

Let’s consider five reasons why chiefs trade for burns.

1. Immediate effect

Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers

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In case you missed Sunday 20-24 Loss buffalo billsA single pass motive can make a huge difference in defence. While Burns may not actually be headed to Canton, Ohio — like Von Miller in Buffalo — his impact may be similar. Since they must evolve to a new scheme, wide receivers and defensive backs can’t make an immediate difference. However, EDGE is a hub that a new player can step into and have an immediate impact – just as Miller did when Denver Broncos He exchanged him for the Rams in 2021. Like the Chiefs today, the Bills defense line has been struggling to get pressure without a blitz. With the addition of Miller, the defense became increasingly flexible and effective.

2. Rarity of position

The Chiefs are clearly headed for another playoff appearance – and that means it’s 2023 NFL ProjectThey will pick up again in their twenties to thirties. Burns’ caliber bezel dash doesn’t last until the 28th pick. Although we’ve seen highly crafted pass strikers who can contribute immediately, most first-round or early second-round picks struggle to be more than just league players. A trade for Burns would bring in Kansas City a top-tier player they probably wouldn’t be able to get in the draft.

3. Chris Jones

Two components to this potential trade relate to Kansas City’s defensive intervention. The first is the Burns effect on the ground. Despite being the primary focus of every offensive line he encounters, Jones is having a great season. But the best season of his career (15.5 sacks) came when he had good passes on the edge: Dee Ford and Justin Houston. The addition of Burns would be great for Jones, because the offensive lines can no longer multiply his team.

The second factor is that Jones is under contract only until 2023. Given his age, production and current contract, he will be seeking a better deal in the market like that obtained by Aaron Donald. In the past – with the Tyreek Hill trade being the latest example – Chiefs have shown they are not interested in making any player (besides quarterback Patrick Mahomes) the league’s highest-earning player in their position. It can make trading for Burns Jones more tradable. Can The Chiefs send a first-round pick to Burns – and get a first-round winner for Jones?

4. Contract

The Panthers exercised their option for the fifth year in the Burns Rookie Deal. His base salary in 2022 is $2.3 million – so for the rest of the season, his cap in Kansas City will only be about $1.3 million. In 2023, his max hit will be $16 million – pennies for an edge revolver. Just as they did with Orlando Brown Jr., the Chiefs will likely need to allow Burns to play on the rookie deal and then work out his off-season contract extension. But even if they don’t end up getting a deal done, $16 million is a pretty good price point for him — and in 2024, the franchise tag will still be an option.

5. Impact on secondary youth

While Kansas City has committed to junior high in high school, there are still plenty of questions out there for 2023. Safety Juan Thornhill is now his final season under contract and L’Jarius Sneed’s contract extension is due soon. One way to help a new, inexperienced secondary is to generate pressure. So, building up the bosses passes helps their defensive back as well; They won’t have to cover for six or seven seconds at a time. Adding Burns will not only raise the ceiling of the Kansas City driveway rush, but the high school floor as well.

bottom line

If Kansas City is willing to give up some of their many 2023 picks, the team could land the Burns. With linebacker Willie Jay Jr. Back from comment Cornbeck and Trent McDuffie coming back from injuryAdding Burns could make the Chiefs one of the league’s most improved mid-season defenses – a defense that could put pressure on Josh Allen in the playoffs.

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