5 Story Lines 15 Days of College Basketball: Pt. 3

Football season is still in full swing. The weather is starting to change and we’ve been getting perfect fall weather for the past week or so. However, basketball is just around the corner. In fact, College basketball season officially begins in just 15 days. Monday November 7 will be here before you know it. Baylor is among the group that will finish the season at noon EST with the top five pre-season team Huge list of games To follow the opening day.

In honor of reaching the 25-day mark, we’re starting by highlighting Five of the biggest story revolving around the sport. Then, at the twenty-day mark, was tiI released five others. Now, at the 15-day mark, we have more pre-season topics to cover. Every five days we will release five more titles She eventually reaches a total of 25 when the season begins on November 7. As John Rothstein said: Here. we. he goes.

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  • Kendrick Davis (SMU -> Memphis): Davis is one of the leading game makers in the country. The 5’11” goalkeeper emerges to win the AAC Conference Player of the Year award at SMU After averaging 19.4 points and 4.4 assists per game. Now, Davis will fit in with another AAC on the Memphis squad led by coach Benny Hardaway.
  • Nance’s house (Northwest -> North Carolina): Brady Mannick is out, but Nance’s house is there. Manek averaged 15.1 points per game and fired over 40% from the three-point range for a heel tar. Now, Nance will be looking to play a similar role. He averaged 14.6 points per game and shot 45.2% of three In more than three attempts per game at Northwestern.
  • Therese Hunter (Iowa -> Texas): One of the best outdoor defenders in the country, Hunter would be a perfect fit for coach Chris Beard. The 6’0 keeper earned honors in the Big 12 Rookie of the Year with an average of 11 points and 4.9 assists per game. It would be a two-way addition to the elite for long centuries.
  • Johnny Broome (Moorhead State -> Auburn): Jabari Parker and Walker Kessler went to the NBA. However, coach Bruce Pearl turned to the transfer gate and secured one of the best big men available. at 6’10”, Johnny Broome finished third nationally in blocked shots last season with an average of 3.9 per game in Morehead State. He also averaged a double-double of 16.8 points and 10.5 rebounds per game.
  • Baylor Sherman (South Dakota State -> Creighton): After being named Top League Player of the Year, Sherman joined the Top 10 Blues of pre-season for a final season of college basketball. The 6’7 ranger is one of the best 3-point shooting games in the country with a 46.9% growth rate in more than five attempts per game. He averaged 16.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game. We expect Scheierman to be a potential All-Big East entertainer this season.

Junior Stars of the Southeast Conference

  • Brandon Miller (Alabama): This 6’9″ four-man will be a key part of coach Nate Oats’ revamped starting lineup. One of two five-star starters — playing alongside a pair of big transfers — Miller is the All-SEC pick. His ability to extend the floor and provide defensive prowess is perfect for the way Crimson Tide plays.
  • Nick Smith Jr. (Arkansas): The hype surrounding Nick Smith Jr. is real at this preliminary stage. The five-star goalkeeper was voted on by the First Team All-SEC and appeared on some US ballots as well. He’s a very tall scorer, 6’5 and likely thrives on coach Mosselmann’s high-tempo attack. Expectations are high, but Smith Jr. has the talent to live up to the hype.
  • Casson Wallace Kentucky: Coach Calipari is no stranger to bringing in new 5-star students. However, given the recent success of the transfer portal, it looks as if this season’s recruiting class has flown a bit under the radar. Wallace is a 6’4 keeper who has been widely regarded as the best defender in the 2022 class. He’s likely to be in the starting role from day one and will be a key contributor to our Top 5 Wildcats pre-season.
  • Galen Reed (LSU): The Tigers experienced as much roster turnover as any program in the country this off-season. Coach Matt McMahon brought in two of his star players from Murray State, added several more transfers, and secured two freshmen. Namely, 4-star recruit Galen Reed will likely play his way into a key role. It’s the perfect threat inside and out that an unproven LSU team will need.
  • JJ Jackson (South Carolina): Regarded as the best in the 2023 class, Jackson exited North Carolina, re-ranked until 2022, and committed to South Carolina. physical specimen 6’9, Jackson will be the man of choice for new coach Lamont Paris from day one. If the Gamecocks can break out of the SEC vault it will be because of their rookie star.

Let’s talk about Indiana

Despite winning Big Ten tournaments, being number one, and reaching three Sweet Sixteens under Tom Crean, it’s been a while since the Indiana Hoosiers really fit in on the national stage. Archie Miller took over when Crane was allowed earlier and produced a 67-58 average in four seasons. The Hoosiers never finished above 0.500 in the Big Ten under Miller and failed to make the NCAA Championship during his tenure.

It feels like a new era may have finally arrived in Bloomington. Indiana hired ex-player Bob Knight in Mike Woodson who brought some “old school” excitement to a once proud fan base. The Hoosiers still only finished 9-11 in the Big Ten, but won two games of the Big Ten Tournament to secure a First Four berth in the NCAA Tournament. IU beat Wyoming in that evening game on Tuesday before losing 29 points to St. Mary’s to end their season at 21-14. Progress has been made and the excitement is back. All-Big Ten bassist and presenter for the first season, Trayce Jackson-Davis announced that he will be returning for his first season, as has fellow front racer Race Thompson, and the Hoosiers landed a potential new star guard at Jalen Hood-Schifino. Xavier Johnson also returned to give coach Woodson all three top scorers a year ago.

Indiana is No. 13 in the pre-season rankings. Is it worth the team that finished under 0.500 in the league a year ago? Only time will prove it. However, the culture appears to be different in Hoosier Country as this season enters. If Coach Woodson can compete for the Big Ten and bring the Hoosiers into the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, it might be time for a “Is Indiana Back?” conversation.

Baylor posterior region fracture

Coach Scott Drew may have the best backyard in college basketball. Adam Flagler will be a top goalkeeper for a lot of US teams before the start of the season. He averaged 13.8 points per game a year ago. Freshman LJ Cryer had a great start as a sophomore before a foot injury at the end of the season in January. Crayer is an elite shooter who was 46.8% of depth on nearly six attempts while averaging 13.5 points per game. This is a very good comeback.

While the Flagler and Cryer are well-known commodities, the new face is a huge cause of the hype surrounding the Bears’ backcountry. 5-star consensus, Top 10 Recruits Keyonte George is one of the top net scorers for any freshman in the country. At 6’5 he has the physical size of playing big 12 basketball right away and he definitely has the right skill level. It would be a perfect compliment to Flagler and Cryer in Coach Drew’s backcountry. Sprinkle on veteran Del Bonner, 2021 Langston Love, and Junior College’s D’Antoine Grimes, and it makes sense that Baylor would be the best backyard in college basketball this season.

Miami (Florida) Payroll Analysis

Name, Image, and Similarity (NIL) has changed college basketball in many ways. Star players stay in school rather than rush into the professional ranks. Even Oscar Chiboy, National Player of the Year, returned to Kentucky to probably make more money than he would have done as a professional. but, It can be said that no one plays the Nile game as blatantly as Miami.

Billionaire John Ruiz, through his company LifeWallet, has offered lucrative deals to many athletes in various sports. After advancing to eight last season, superstar Isaiah Wong has announced that he will enter the transfer gate if his zero contract is renegotiated. It was reported that he was earning $100,000. The Hurricanes helped secure a Nijel Pack transfer deal that was said to be worth $800,000 after he committed. Wong wanted his tournament performance to be matched by a similar deal.

Wong decided to return to Miami and is now a pick before the first season of the All-ACC. The talented goalkeeper averages 15.3 points per game and will create an explosive background zone alongside the Addition Pack. It wouldn’t be much of a problem with size and depth, but coach Jim Laranaga has a very talented pentathlon. They are well compensated for their talents this season as well.

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