90 animals were rescued in a Washington home during a routine wildlife search, and other animals were found dead

Last month, a routine wildlife search resulted in the rescue of 90 animals, while a few more were found dead in a Washington home. Although there is no news regarding the charges against the owner, some of the animals are now ready to be placed in forever homes.

The Pend Oreille County Sheriff’s Office (POCSO) launched what they thought would be just another routine animal welfare investigation on December 16. The deputies went to the house south of Ione with the expectation that there would only be twelve animals involved. But when the property was searched, nearly 90 animals were discovered, some of them already dead.

Among the survivors were two horses, four pigs, three cats, 11 dogs, about 40 goats and about 30 farm birds. It was expected that Melanie Nolander would be charged with animal cruelty. However, reports from the incident did not specify if she was charged.

SpokAnimal, SCRAPS, HGAS, and Heart

90 animals were rescued in a Washington home during a routine wildlife search, and other animals were found dead

(Photo: Sasha Sachina/Unsplash)

The Spokane and Pend Oreille Emergency Department, SCRAPS, SpokAnimal, High Ground Animal Sanctuary (HGAS), and Humane Evacuation Animal Rescue Team (HEART) contributed significantly to the collection, transportation, housing, and medical care of the animals.

HEART is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that works with SpokAnimal to provide appropriate daily care for rescued animals while searching for adoptive families who could take them in. HEART is committed to providing national and local emergency relief for animals caught in natural disasters and other emergencies.

The animals were discovered in appalling conditions, without food, water and shelter from the freezing cold, according to Marianne Ortiz, president of HEART.

heartAs stated on their website, we helped move the animals from the shift and set up a temporary shelter where we cared for them day and night in the freezing cold.

Emaciated to the bone

When the animals were first brought in, many rescues were put together, according to Sherry Skandalis, co-founder and director of HGAS. Some of them refused to stand or could not stand. They are clearly severely dehydrated.

According to Ortiz, their ribs, backbone, and all of their bones could be seen. The majority of the rescued animals were so malnourished that the rescuers worried whether they would survive the night.

Sadly, three animals died in the first few days because they were in too bad a condition to be saved, so those fears were not unfounded.

For those who made a full recovery, Skandalis claimed the animals were at a loss and didn’t seem to understand what to do with the care given.

When the team gave the rescued animals some food and water, she said, it was like they had never seen water or food before. It was clear that the animals had not eaten recently, and were eating snow because there was no water around.

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Fortunately, an influx of aid from many organizations ensured that food, beds, and medical care were quickly delivered to the area and temporary shelter was provided.

While HGAS took in farm animals and helped with daily care responsibilities, SpokAnimal brought cats and dogs to their shelter. The two horses, which weighed 250 pounds each, are still under the care of a Deer Park veterinarian.

report from local today A post published last month says horses, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, dogs and cats were among the animals rescued. Some animals have already made great improvements and are now looking for their forever homes. The owner of the animal has not been formally charged. NonStop Local KHQ reports.

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