Alabama Football: What Texas Game Suggests About Tide’s Title Hopes

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today let’s put an arc to the Texas game before moving on to this week’s opponent, shall we? Saban held his regular press conference on Monday to discuss the matter.

“I think No. 1, it’s not just about playing hard,” Saban said after the team meeting while meeting reporters. “I think our guys played hard in the match. They persevered in the match in difficult conditions, overcame adversity, and showed great resilience.”

It was the mental lapses, execution gaffes, technical errors and planning on the part of the coach that put Alabama on the cusp of an amazing upset.

“Whether it’s about the hand position of an offensive lineman, whether it’s through the movement of the feet for defensive backs, whether it’s about running your feet on contact when you’re stepping in,” Saban said on Monday. “All of these things are basically basic things that people have to do every day in practice so that they don’t show bad habits in the game. And I think that is a big lesson that we have to learn.”

“We didn’t play fast and we’re doing well,” Saban said. “But I think in the fourth quarter, we came of age somewhat. I played faster, made plays, distributed a little bit better. They did a little better job giving them a chance, and they took advantage of that. I saw some maturity in the fourth in these guys playing. confidently and perform plays.”

Good to hear that he was pleased with the effort. Mistakes can be corrected, but players not giving their all is a bigger problem. However, he is clearly not 100% happy with the efforts made on the other six days of the week, which may be a symptom of rat poison ingestion. Hopefully, the offending parties got the wake-up call they needed, and they may not have been quite as good as they think at this point.

You can see the plunger in full below.

The national media spent yesterday discussing what that game had to say about Alabama’s hopes of winning the title.

For Alabama, near loss in Texas may later be remembered as sparking dominant shutdown extension to strengthen Saban Record record eighth national title. In fact, Tide can take comfort in what happened the last time the team lost early, in 2015 Against then no. 15 Mississippi. In a match that included a disappointing kick-off by Alabama and touchdown pass for 66 yards By Rebels QB Chad Kelly, Tide’s late comeback wasn’t enough to avoid an eventual 43-37 defeat. After a few months, they regressed to Winning the 16th National Championship in the history of the program. If that kind of finish is possible, a close win in Texas probably isn’t a cause for concern at all.

Eagles are flying right now …but I can’t join them, at least not yet. Sure, the Iron Bowl’s similarities sounded some alarm bells, but the tide blew Georgia in the week that followed close to losing. We can look back at the Texas game as a “should have had it while you had the chance” situation, and for three reasons.

1. The catastrophic state of punishment will likely never happen again. After committing an average number of penalties against Utah in the first week, Tides committed a Saban-era record 15 for 100 yards in Austin. False starts, offsides, odd number of face masks… It was annoying, but it’s also early in the season. Last year, Bama averaged 8.8 penalties over his first four games, then 6.5 from there. In 2020, it was 6.8 in the top four, then 5.7.

With no more dominant team than Georgia So far and Alabama hasn’t been so impressive during the first two weeks of the season, the Bulldogs have been elevated to number one with the tides sliding into third. Ohio StateThe one who also managed to avoid Jinx Sun Belt this week, was overthrown Arkansas Remains No. 2 in the CFP projection.

seed number 4 expected, OklahomaIt took a while to get started before you finally had an easy time with him Kent State. Those who are in a hurry will also keep their place. So, while the same four teams are still on the field, the semi-finals have been shaken.

There should be a lot of motivation going forward, and we’ll see how they respond.

So what are your thoughts? How much did the impending Austin blunder change your view of the team’s chances?


How did the Texas game affect your confidence in Alabama’s national title hopes?

Finally, the coaches poll kept Alabama at the top of the list, but there were some major changes.

Kentucky and Brigham Young are making big leaps in the week. The Wildcats finished 10th in 10 after winning in Florida, while the Cougars took 11 spots to drop to 14th after outpacing Big 12 opponent Baylor in overtime. Arkansas is also making a big move, climbing six notches to No. 11 after winning the SEC opener against South Carolina.

In the other direction, Texas A&M slipped from sixth all the way to 22nd after becoming the latest upset victim in Appalachian State. Baylor drops 11 places to 19th. Although Texas has a short point ahead of Alabama, it actually moves up twice to 20th.

Tennessee joins the poll at 16th after winning the overtime in Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania moves up to 23rd.

I wonder if the Texans that jumped over the top 5 Texans A&M pre-season would be a topic of conversation in that state?

That’s about it for now. have a great day.

tide roll.

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