Apple has applied for a series of trademarks in the United States and Hong Kong, including “iPhone” related to retail packaging, and the “M” trademark designed for metal +

Apple has applied for a series of new trademarks that cover the text of the iPhone in the context of retail packaging, a stylized “M” for metal that stands for a low-cost API for hardware acceleration, and more.

Trademark filing: iPhone (for packaging)

Apple has applied for the “iPhone” trademark as it relates to iPhone packaging. Apple has filed a trademark application with the US Patent Office under No. 97731505 and filed it under International Class 016 which covers: “Cardboard; Cardboard boxes; Cardboard containers; Cardboard packaging; Paper bags; Paper bags for packaging; Paper bags for use in Sterilization of medical instruments; paper bags for use in sterilizing medical instruments; paper for sacks and sacks; paper gift bags; party paper bags; paper wine gift bags; food waste paper bags for household use; paper garbage bags for household use; paper garbage bags or plastic; carton packaging; lined paper bags; pet waste bags; paper shopping bags.”

2 x iPhone TM Packaging File Jan 2023

Apple sample

The US Patent Office defines a sample as an example of how a company uses its trademark in the market with goods or services in its application. It’s what consumers see when they consider buying goods or subscribing to services offered by Apple in connection with their brand. Below is Apple’s example of using the “iPhone” text on retail packaging.

3 iPhone text on the packaging sample

Photographic trademark of: M

Apple finally filed for the stylized ‘M’ pictorial trademark in connection with its Metal graphics acceleration. Metal powers hardware-accelerated graphics on Apple platforms by providing a low-cost API, rich shader language, tight integration between graphics and computation, and an unparalleled suite of GPU profiling and debugging tools.

4 x Apple graphic trademark files M.

Apple has filed its trademark under the international designation 009covers: “Downloadable application development software; Downloadable computer software for use as an application programming interface (API) for building software applications; Downloadable software for processing, transmitting, and displaying text, data, images, audio-visual content, and other multimedia content.”

5 x Apple TM files for M for Metal style

Apple also filed this trademark in Hong Kong under Application No. 306122592.

Registered trademark: Direct Text

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a Registered Trademark (RTM) Certificate to Apple No. 6,939,756 for Live Text on January 3, 2023. A copy of the certificate is provided below.

6 Live Text RTM 03 Jan 2023

Apple has applied for its trademark under the international designation 009covers: “Computer programs used to identify, read, decode, copy, paste, and translate text embedded in photographs and other images, open websites based on embedded text, dial phone numbers based on embedded text, and produce map directions based on embedded text.”

Trademark Save for: Magic Keyboard Folio

7 Magic Keyboard FolioFinally, Apple filed an application for the trademark “Magic Keyboard Folio” in Hong Kong under Application No. 306146424. They filed for their trademark under the international category 009, Covers: “Computer accessories; computer keyboards; computer trackpads; accessory for a mobile digital electronic device that serves as a protective and decorative case and stand that includes a keyboard and trackpad; cases suitable for computers; covers for tablet computers.”

It should be noted that the international trademark classes under which Apple registers its trademarks are important because trademark registration will only protect those classes that were specified in its original application. In a legal battle, the classes originally filed can make or break a lawsuit.

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