Back in 1975 – Our Review and Analysis of “Being Funny in a Foreign Language”

1975 was at its best – on tour and with their new album, released on October 14, 2022. Here’s the Showbiz Cheat Sheet review Being funny in a foreign language.

1975 . movie
Showbiz 1975 Review “Being Funny in a Foreign Language” – 4.0

The 1975 black and white aesthetic is officially colored cobalt

1975 for being funny in a foreign language
1975 on “Being Funny in a Foreign Language” by Samuel Bradley via Chuff Media

They dominated 2013 with “Chocolate,” “Girls,” and “Robbers,” as they enhanced their boi, an alternate image with a square logo and black and white aesthetics. The nostalgia for 1975 is truly unparalleled. Something about this group, topped by Matty Healy, evokes memories of scrolling through Tumblr and writing Instagram comments //LIKETHIS//.

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