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We’ve submitted a review unit for the Backbone One portable console and have been testing it on the iPhone 12 Pro for the past few months. We’ve used it at home, taken it on the go, not telling our colleagues but we’ve also used it unobtrusively in the office. Read on for our full thoughts!

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Spine Console Review Summary

All things considered, the Backbone One console is a great way to extend your playtime by turning your phone into a multipurpose gaming device, working as it does with many cloud streaming services as well as native mobile games (as long as the game in question has controller support).

At around £100, the price point is not to be underestimated, so you’ll need to make sure the games you want to play are compatible with this product (more on that later). You will also need to remember that playing home console games on the go will always require a strong internet connection on both ends.

The design is almost perfect, with cool buttons and smooth-moving sticks, with the lack of grip on the back being the only real downside. If you are looking for a phone compatible controller, this might be the product for you. Mobile gaming once meant a little more than Angry Birds or Candy Crush, but consoles like these help you play a higher level of the game on the go. happy times!

What is Backbone Portable Controller?

that’s easy! The Backbone One portable console is exactly what you think. This is a game console that slides onto your phone and allows you to play a variety of games on your phone in console-like style. Makes your phone look like a Nintendo Switch or a steam surfacebut at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to working with a number of original mobile games that you can find on Apple Arcade (or Google Play Store if you choose the Android version), Backbone One is also compatible with various streaming solutions including Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation Remote Play, Amazon Luna, NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadia that will expire soon.

The D-pad and one analog stick are located on the left side of the console, while the right side contains the other analog stick and face buttons. There are two different versions of Backbone – you can get one with the Xbox buttons and one with the PlayStation buttons.

Holding the two sides of the console together is the workhorse of the namesake, it’s a sturdy and beautiful chassis that can stretch to fit different sizes of phone. You can get one with an Android connection, or another with an iPhone connection, depending on the type of phone you prefer.

How much is the backbone of the mobile controller?

The Backbone One mobile controller is priced at £99.99, whether you buy from a third-party retailer such as very or Amazonor go directly to the source to apply to the administrator spinal column location.

There doesn’t seem to be a price difference between the Android version and the iPhone, and there’s also no cost change to be seen when changing from the Xbox buttoned version to the PlayStation buttoned version.

Backbone mobile console design

There is no denying that design is one of the main appeals here. Even if you haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about games on your phone, these targeted Instagram ads do a great job of making the Backbone One console look very attractive indeed.

Slick is the word that comes to mind. The buttons have a great deal of clicking, while the triggers have just the right amount of give, and everything is laid out seamlessly on your phone with the namesake workhorse tying it together.

In a matter of seconds, your phone will look like a game console! That’s the real breakthrough here in terms of design. The console’s rounded corners complement the phone’s display very well, allowing the entire package to blend into something you’ll be proud to see in public.

Features of the Mobile Backbone Console

The obvious thing is this: The Backbone One portable console mounts to your phone and connects via the charging port, pairing automatically and allowing you to use a console-level controller on the mobile gaming platforms of your choice. This, of course, is what you would expect and the spine does the job very well.

What you might not expect are the other great features that are included. Our unit came with a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass, for example, a nice touch that allows any customer to try out the full range of big-name games that Microsoft has prepared for cloud gaming.

The console itself also has two more welcome features. There is a 3mm headphone jack port, allowing you to connect any headphones to your standard audio jack. There’s also a port for your iPhone charger, allowing you to keep your phone charged while gaming. This is very useful if you are playing on the go and don’t want to use up all your juice.

There is also a free Backbone app, which can be accessed via an orange button on the controller, which will help you make sense of the games available on your device. With so many companies offering gaming experiences on iPhones these days, this can come in very handy when it comes to finding inspiration.

Backbone mobile controller setup

In theory, the setup process for the Backbone One portable console should be incredibly simple — it’s a plug-and-play device, so you should be able to plug it into your phone and start playing right away. You’ll be prompted to download the Backbone app, but other than that there shouldn’t be too many things getting in your way.

However, we did run into one problem while we were setting up the backbone controller, even though that’s more of an issue with our phone than anything else: We got to the point in the phone’s life where the charging port only seemed to work if I put the iPhone charger in in an awkward position. This was handy in terms of charging our phone every night (especially in the era of wireless charging) but originally made it look like my backbone wasn’t working at all.

Fortunately, the solution here was fairly simple. We were worried about having to send our phone in for an expensive repair but it turned out that the only problem was a buildup of pocket lint inside the charging port. Once we got all the dust that had built up inside the phone itself, connecting to the backbone was really easy. It now works fine every time, getting into a game in seconds.

backbone mobile controller performance

So, we disassembled the backbone and the console and were able to get it working. Now that all the housekeeping is out of the way, the fun can really begin, and boy oh boy, there really is a lot of fun to be had with this easy accessory.

First, we played with the backbone inside the comforts of our home, with our high-speed broadband connection and all of our consoles nearby for whatever troubleshooting needs that might arise.

At the time, we were in the middle of compiling files Two Point Campus Review On the PS5, so we ran the PS5 Remote Play app to see what it would be like to control the console from another room with the iPhone 12 Pro and the newly attached base console. Even though we got the Backbone console that has the Xbox button prompts printed on it (unlike the X, Square, Triangle, and Circle of PlayStation), it still worked great as an extension for our PS5.

Being able to use Remote Play and access your PS5 games from anywhere is a real boon for PlayStation owners, and the Backbone console is an ideal way to make the experience on your phone just as enjoyable as the full-fat console version. The buttons, control panel, and triggers felt great, and the game was really responsive. We felt no lag and happily had a few hours at Two Point Campus without being anywhere near our console.

Next, we took the spine console to our office, where the wifi is probably a little less powerful and more in demand. download us google stadia (which unfortunately will be shutting down soon) and we were able to play a mostly fun hour of Cyberpunk 2077 and also used Xbox Cloud Gaming to start a new save on No Man’s Sky.

Either way, the games worked in an acceptable way, with the graphics nicely pinned to the iPhone screen, although Cyberpunk in particular started to feel a little choppy after a while – it was especially noticeable in combat and driving situations. However, we might say that this is a problem with our internet connection, as opposed to a bug in the console itself.

Next, we chose to try something more challenging. We left the office and took the spine to the park, where our iPhone claimed to have a strong 5G signal. Across Xbox Cloud gamesWe downloaded Fortnite and joined the Zero-Build Solos match. The console did its job really well, and I felt like we were still competitive when the internet stayed strong, although the signal drop did lead to a few frustrating moments.

Finally, we wanted to test some original mobile games (as opposed to streaming gaming experiences based on the internet), so we loaded up Apple Arcade and downloaded some pick titles: the fun Mario Kart clone Warped Kart Racing and the challenging platformer Floor Is Lava, LEGO Star Child-friendly Wars: Castaways, always beautiful ALBA: Wildlife Adventureand NBA 2K23 for 2K: Apple Arcade Edition.

Of these, only the NBA requires an internet connection to play, with all others working just as fine as individual offline activities (even with Airplane mode turned on). All of these games were fun little experiences to explore, and the console worked seamlessly with each one, proving that there’s more to do on Backbone than just streaming your games from other platforms.

In general, we did not feel any flaws in the console itself. It feels great to play with, and the only thing we can think of is that the plastic texture gets a bit slippery if you play with sweaty palms for an extended period of time. If you are looking for a console that works well with mobile-friendly games, this is a very powerful option to consider.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy the Backbone Handheld Controller?

If you’re a gamer who travels a lot, or unable to access a console or PC for other reasons, we’d say the Backbone One portable console is a great way to pump more game time into your life without breaking the bank.

Before you buy one, though, we suggest thinking about the titles/experiences you’re actually buying it for. There is an easy to use page On the site of the spine It shows you which games the console is compatible with, so you’ll want to make sure you have something available to your taste.

There is a lot to enjoy on Apple Arcade, especially in the family friendly field, and these offline games will be very useful in travel situations including long trips and subway trains.

And if you can be sure that there will be good internet wherever you are traveling, then all these cloud streaming options will come in very handy as well. If you have a PS5 at home but often aren’t in the right room to play it, the workhorse may be a God-sent for you. If what the console offers matches up with what you want to play, by all means do it!

Where to buy Backbone Portable Controller

The Backbone One portable console can be purchased from many major retailers, including the likes very And the AmazonAnd the £99.99 price tag appears to be very consistent across the board.

There is also an official spinal column location, where you can browse the entire range and order directly from the source if that’s your preference. If you’d like to see the console in action before you buy it, take a look at the trailer below.

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