Books and podcasts to help you learn the game

People play the fast-growing sport of pickleball at Demouth Park playgrounds in Palm Springs, California, March 22, 2022.

Every week in this column, we highlight videos that you can watch online to improve your game.

However, some people learn best by reading or listening, and there are several new books published every month about pickle ball. There are also many podcasts! Today we highlight some of the headlines that may be of interest.


The book “Pickleball Doubles: Mastering the Fastest Growing Game in America Using Accurate Tips, Techniques and Advanced Doubles Strategies to Win the Game with Your Partner” by Dennis Hall, a certified coach in Queens, New York, was published last month. It covers basics like grammar, footwork, and wall practice. Hall helpfully addresses topics such as, “Why doesn’t the ball go where you shoot?” and “how to deal with a power player.” it’s a $7.99 on Amazon for a paper print, or just 99 cents on a Kindle.

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