Calix ProtectIQ wins Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award 2022 from TMC

Calix Revenue EDGE Managed Home Network Security ServiceProtectI.QHonored with the Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award 2022 from TMC for helping service providers be giants in their markets by protecting subscribers’ home networks from millions of web threats, intrusions, malware, and viruses this year

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today TMCa global integrated media company and publisher of Cloud Computing magazine ProtectI.Q® a Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award 2022 winner. This is the 2nd Industry Award ProtectI.Q Won in 2022. The award is given to companies that have made the most effective use of cloud computing in their efforts to bring new and distinct offerings to the market. ProtectI.Q he is Calix Revenue EdgeManaged Service™ enables broadband service providers (BSPs) to easily provide home network security protection in addition to their managed Wi-Fi offerings. The BSPs you share use Calix ProtectI.Q To prevent millions of hacks from entering the networks of subscribers this year at a rate of one every four seconds. a Deloitte’s last survey of US households confirm that in 2022, subscribers continue to work from home (45 percent), learn from home (23 percent), attend virtual health appointments (49 percent), and more. In the same survey, more than half of respondents said they are concerned about security vulnerabilities of connected devices. ProtectI.Q It is designed to simplify home network protection for subscribers, which is offered by the trusted regional BSP. Subscriber access to protectionI.Q Through BSP’s mobile app, built on Calyx drivingI.Q®, which BSPs can customize with their branding. The application sends instant notifications and reports of blocked threats directly to the palm of the subscriber’s hand. This enhances the value that BSPs provide daily and increases subscriber loyalty.

By adopting the full Revenue EDGE platform – including Calix Cloud®, CommandI.QManaged Services — Facilitation Payment Service Providers build long-term relationships with subscribers. Many Calix customers across North America are proactively securing their communities against digital threats while growing their businesses and trusting their brands. For example:

  • Mississippi-based Tombigbee Fiber attracted more subscribers to its app after introducing ProtectIQ at no additional charge. In the The first 30 days of the launch of ProtectI.Q For all subscribers at no additional charge, Tombigbee Fiber has prevented more than 21,000 total digital threats from entering their home networks. In addition, the rate of new subscribers using the Tombigbee Fiber brand mobile app has increased from 25 percent to 78 percent — strengthening the direct line of communication with the people it serves.
  • Missouri-based Chariton Valley more than doubled customer communications after protecting all subscriber networks. Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation (Chariton Valley) leverages the full power of the Revenue EDGE platform to differentiate itself in competitive markets. in that The first two months of ProtectI.Q For all customers, Chariton Valley has blocked more than 48,000 threats, hacks, malware, and viruses on the web – driving brand trust to drive rapid growth.
  • Michigan-based Midwest Energy & Communications posted a 13 percent annual revenue increase after making ProtectIQ available to everyone. Midwest Energy and Communications (MEC) Added protectionI.Q and experienceI.Q® Parental controls for standard managed Wi-Fi. As a result, MEC prevented an average of 16,400 digital threats per month in the first quarter of 2022 and celebrated delivering world-class broadband services to its 20,000 subscribers.

ProtectI.Q It is one of 11 Calix Managed Services that BSPs can easily offer to subscribers in addition to their Managed Wi-Fi offerings. Earlier this month, Calyx announce Managed services eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh during Calix Connections 2022Annual Conference on Innovation and Customer Success.

“Calix payment providers have made clear that their mission is to improve the lives of their members and subscribers, and reducing cybersecurity risks is an important opportunity to live up to that mission,” said Michael Winning, Calix President and CEO. ‘By providing protectionI.Q To secure their home networks, BSPs can demonstrate that protecting subscribers is not an option – it’s a responsibility. With nearly two dozen devices connected in the average home, subscribers are at risk so they have protectionI.Q. Calix BSP demonstrates value by reporting prohibited threats through its branded commandI.Q mobile app. ProtectI.Q It is one of 11 managed services that Billing Payment Providers (BSP) can deploy to boost brand loyalty and impress its members and subscribers away from Wi-fi.”

Find out how to take advantage of all sizes of BSP protections and others Managed Services From Calix to build long-term relationships with subscribers and grow their businesses.

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