Caparros County School Board in Ed. Debates book removal policy

Weeks ago, a school board committee and district attorney worked to change the current policy.

Caparros County, North Carolina – There is controversy in Kabarros County Schools About who can remove a book in the neighborhood.

For weeks now, a school board committee and district attorney have been working on board-recommended changes to the current policy.

Currently, parents, students, and staff in the district can begin the book removal process.

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the book “Looking for Alaska” by John Green has been the catalyst for some parents in Cabarrus County who are calling for a change in the county’s book removal policy.

“This must be stupid because I never understand why kids need to learn how to do oral sex,” Brandon Matthews, a Caparros County parent, said at the Monday night board meeting.

The book’s author previously said that parents are taking some scenes in the book out of context.

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However, someone wanted to start the book blocking process but wanted to do so anonymously. The move sparked criticism during a meeting of the Committee on Literature and Supplementary Materials.

Caroline Carpenter, Cabarros County School Board of Education Member and former member of the committee.

Carpenter and Board of Education member Laura Blackwell were removed from the committee by Board Chairman Holly Grimsley.

Some members of the community accused the committee’s board members of distorting the process.

The committee is composed of media professionals, school teachers, administrators, and board members. The committee can only make a recommendation to the school board, not formulate and vote on policy.

“I have no problem getting back on that committee,” Carpenter said. “And I have no problem changing you. That, that’s fine and cool with me.”

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Right now, the board is leaning toward opening the book ban to anyone in the county over the age of 18.

in Policy Change Projectstates that “a parent/guardian or a citizen of Caparrus County over eighteen (18) years of age will be identified, and may request that his/her name and the name of the student remain confidential upon submission of the level Request the Reconsideration Form in writing to the Director and copy to the Supervisor as relating to the use of certain educational materials

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This is a reversal of a push a few weeks ago to give the board complete autonomy to remove books.

Some board members want everything to slow down.

“I’m more concerned about making sure our audience has enough time to absorb this as a whole and give us feedback on it before we vote on it,” said Rob Walter, a member of the Board of Education.

The Board of Directors has the power to adopt the new policy immediately without going through a process that takes weeks due to the nature of the changes.

“If you read your board policy, you know, this board, can adopt that policy at any time,” said Holly Grimsley, chair of the board.

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Some parents are upset that the national wave of book bans is going away.

“Only about 100 people have emailed the school board about looking for Alaska,” said Russell Wright, a Caparrus County parent.

She also criticized Wright Blackwell for sharing an interview with Steve Bannon about books in the school, a move that drew criticism from fellow board members.

Bannon served as chief strategist in the White House in the administration of US President Donald Trump during the first seven months of Trump’s term.

He is currently facing Indictment on six counts in New York on charges of money laundering, conspiracy and fraud.

The struggle over how to remove the books now returns to the Board of Directors committee. An acceptable vote on a policy change is likely to take place near or after the November elections.

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