Catch up with old Bryson DeChambeau Tim Tucker, who is working this week in Las Vegas for Chaison Hadley.

Tim Tucker can’t stay away.

The veteran PGA Tour wagon is back in a bag this week, to meet Chesson Hadley at the Shriners Children’s Open in Las Vegas.

Why is Tucker, who owns a successful shuttle operation in Bandon Dunes and who invented an alignment adjuster and loves to dive into data, back to his old business?

“Because Chaisson is a great guy,” Tucker said after observing Hadley’s hearing on Tuesday. “He asked me a year ago to carry a bag here and I didn’t. I told him I wish I could because, you know, it’s fun going around different players and seeing what they’re doing. You can learn more, you can help them in a different way. So he’s great. And he’s a great guy.” “.

Tucker, who invented a The help mode is called True AimIt’s always been messing around.

True target mark

True target mark

The Real Target Positioning Marker is a utility tool designed by PGA Tour veteran Tim Tucker. (Photo: Todd Kelly/Golfweek)

On Tuesday, he was watching Hadley hit iron bullet after iron bullet while calculating data from the Trackman as well as the Foresight launch screen. Some of the discussions included altitude, temperature, wind speed, and even atmospheric pressure.

I was in the army, I was on a rifle team. And we used long-range anemometers,” he said, explaining how in 2016 he and DeChambeau began exploring the anemometers. “We started applying that to golf ball density, temperature, atmospheric pressure—all that matters is how far the ball is headed and the pitch of the golf ball. Heat and altitude in time, and then can be measured. So we started with that, when we started working in the green intensity and understanding the angle of descent of an iron shot at a certain rate of rotation leading to a certain slope, then running out was to be expected. And so we started doing it, and we kept going and we never stopped.”

Tucker has been alongside DeChambeau on all eight of his PGA Tour wins, including the 2020 US Open, but it was their breakup in July 2021 on the eve of the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit that grabbed the headlines in world golf.

“It’s just one of those things that just happened,” Tucker said. “Bryson doesn’t need me to play great golf, and he has proven it. The kid is an amazing athlete.

“He turned me into what people would say was a good can that was reliable. Whether it was me or not, that’s the perception because of him, right? And you know, he helped me make a lot of money. He helped me get my kids through college. He also You know, so I owe him forever.”

Today, the two are still friends.

US Open

US Open

Bryson DeChambeau talks with caddy Tim Tucker on the fourth green during the final round of the 2021 US Open in Torrey Pines. (Photo: Orlando Ramirez-USA Today Sports)

“We are good. absolutely yes. “I spoke to him maybe once every two weeks, you know?” Tucker said. “And we don’t necessarily talk about golf necessarily. We just talked, he’s building his dream house and talking to him about it, or talking to him about the long drive.”

DeChambeau recently finished second at the World Long Drive, about 90 miles northwest of TPC Summerlin in Mesquite, Nevada. This performance did not surprise Tucker.

“He’s the hardest working guy I’ve ever seen. And like, dedicated to his level of intensity, his dedication is second to none. He’s laser focused. When he realizes it in his head, he’s going to do something that gets it done.”

So when he’s not working as a part-time caddy or promoting a true-to-go device, Tucker puts a lot of time and energy into Loop Golf Transportation, a high-end shuttle service that transports golfers to and from Bandon Dunes in Oregon. Tucker used to carry cans in Bandon and knows the condition of the outpost’s land. Repetition in the tour from time to time gives him a chance to tell more people about it.

“It’s great to be here because you know, we get a lot of showings,” he said. “The players always help me out. Stuart Sink asked me ‘What’s the name of your business at Bandon again? I know people go there all the time. I’ll tell them. Yeah, I mean, how nice is that?’”

Tucker said he’s not trying to overload Hadley with numbers this week, and Hadley himself said he doesn’t want a lot of deep data. But everyone who takes on Tucker caddies knows he knows what he’s talking about.

I worked at Lexi [Thompson] At the Women’s Open and there was an article published, as if they tried to make Lexi look like she couldn’t handle the information that Bryson was. And of course she’s the smartest she can be. I mean, these are professional golfers. This is what they do. They are looking at his stuff. Some things they may not notice. But once you show it to him, if they understand it, they understand it, and that’s what they do.

“And I hated it for her that they did, you know, and it was unfair because she’s a very smart woman.”

The story originally appeared on GolfWeek

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