On Radar: Cultural Profiles of Claes Pang | culture

Born in Denmark in 1967, Claes Bang got a taste of acting after appearing in a minor version of the musical Poetry. He starred in Robin Ostlund, which won the Palme d’Or Square In 2017, a role that attracted international attention after years of working in Danish theater, television and film. Since then, he has … Read more

Damien Hirst – Currency: Is setting fire to a multimillion-pound artwork a good idea? | Ents & Arts News

When he’s not keeping dead animals in formaldehyde or encasing skulls with diamonds, Damien Hirst is best known for his spots. Ostensibly, it appears to be a more innocent relationship, clusters of rainbow dots that make the beholder feel happy, rather than irritating that a shark pickled or chopped down the middle cow and calf, … Read more

Omar Erbil, the live glassblowing of the London Design Festival

Omer Erbil’s live glass blowing unites sculpting and experimentation at the Victoria and Albert Museum Canadian creative Omar Arbel’s design practice is a collision of worlds, uniting sculpture, design, and invention – and in his presentation “Physical Experiences” at the Victoria and Albert Museum of London Design Festival 2022 – Performance Canadian artist and designer … Read more

Soy Dreams of Milk tells touching stories of Asian immigration

Gay paper cut-outs and 3D-scanned Chinese restaurants tell stories of Asian immigration In Hong Kong, Stories of Asian Immigration have taken over Blindspot Gallery in a group show called Soy Dreams of Milk Stretched across a cardboard screen, a video shows a woman washing the carcass of a small white sperm whale. Standing thigh-deep in … Read more

Rocco Ricci credits his parents Madonna and Guy Ritchie with his art career

Muscular Rocco Ritchie credits his parents Madonna and Guy Ritchie with raising him in a ‘creative home’ which led to his career where he donned a shirtless for Vogue photo shoots. By Sean O’Grady for Mailonline Posted: 09:45 EST, Sep 20, 2022 | updated: 09:49 EST, Sep 20 2022 Rocco Ricci is credited with his … Read more

Essie Wood’s hypnotic paintings reveal the darker side of femininity

Icy WoodThe panels work like the Tumblr mercury mood board from the early 2000s. Drafted in Stream Consciousness style, the works seem very intimate and impersonal. Wood’s style is imparted by the hand of a skilled painter, and it’s a game alike pop art And the Surrealism. Focusing on ordinary household items, Wood’s paintings and … Read more

BNZ Art Group: Colin McCahon’s artwork has sold for millions of dollars

Some of the BNZ Art Collection is being sold at a web auction on Sunday. RNZ / Felix Walton Five works by New Zealand artist Colin McCahon sold for millions of dollars at BNZ Art Collection this afternoon – and concerns about their sale are still being raised. Colin McCahon’s 1982 painting Is there anything … Read more