How is a chest tightening done? 5 exercises to tighten and lift the breasts

With age, your breasts tend to sag and you may experience sagging skin. There is little you can do about it, but exercises are the best way to strengthen and tighten your breast muscles. Causes of sagging breasts Women’s breasts vary greatly from woman to woman. Their shape, color and size are all inherited traits. … Read more

Running at night: how does it affect the body?

If you are a fan of running at night, you will probably find yourself wondering how it can affect the body. After all, our bodies are sensitive instruments, designed to perform functions most effectively at various points throughout the day. Modern life often means we have no choice but to earn our miles during the … Read more

How (and why) the Copenhagen boards are done

picture: Bocchi Francesco (stock struggle) The last time we saw the Copenhagen boards in We have a summary of the best bodyweight exercises that really build strength. But it is an underappreciated exercise that deserves to be highlighted. The Copenhagen board A bit like a side plank: YYou lean on your hand or elbow, your … Read more

Raju Srivastava’s death: Is stress in the gym bad for your heart? Why is the TMT test not enough?

The death of comedian Raju Srivastava, after suffering a heart attack and collapsing on the treadmill last month, raises a major question: Should we have a limit to our exercise regimen, are we casting the fitness mantra to the extreme and over-exerting ourselves? Does our obsession with shyness put pressure on the heart? Cardiologists say … Read more

Can a pill to strengthen muscles and bones replace exercise?

Post on PinterestScientists are getting closer to finding solutions to muscle and bone loss. Jonathan Knowles / Getty Images Physical activity is known to promote bone and muscle health. Aging, lifestyle and chronic diseases can lead to a lack of physical activity, which is associated with bone and muscle loss. New research has now identified … Read more

How to do a single arm pull up

Doing one arm has many advantages On climbing hard. For one, you can have a beer while doing one arm. You can impress your friends at parties, picking up chicks, meat heads, or whatever you like. If you can do one arm, you will always look strong, no matter how fit you are. Your biceps … Read more