What is postpartum psychosis? Psychologist explains mental illness associated with pregnancy

Last week’s tragedy in Duxbury shed light on postpartum mental health. Lindsey Clancy, of Allegedly, he suffered from postpartum depression, of many crimes after the death of her three young children in the family home. Clancy remains in the hospital with injuries sustained in an apparent suicide attempt. While authorities have not said whether or … Read more

The highest funded allotment in Alaska is a $99 million gym in Fort Wainwright. Officials say it will boost military mental health.

A military base at Fort Wainwright, photographed September 9, 2015. (Loren Holmes/ADN) WASHINGTON — The most expensive Alaskan project in a federal spending bill funds a $99 million gym in Fort Wainwright. The Fort Wainwright Fitness Center extension in Fairbanks will include an indoor track and AstroTurf field that military personnel and their families can … Read more

Letters to the Editor – Oklahoma City, mental health, senior housing, gender identity

Oklahoma City is a success story Reply: “The quarterback gets things done — Oklahoma City is neither red nor blue and leads unanimously. America can, too,” by David Holt, Sunday Opinion. Thanks for highlighting Mayor Holt and my ancestral homeland. Oklahoma City is a vivid example of Republicans and Democrats working together on civic issues … Read more

Review: Netflix’s “Gunther’s Millions” wraps up a study of mental health in a stunning spectacle

Maurizio Meian (right) and the members of I Magnifici 5 in the Netflix documentary series Gunther’s Millions. Image: Netflix A dog with 400 million dollars! Human Education Experiments! Madonna’s house! Netflix must hope that its latest docuseries “Gunther’s Millions” draws in legions of eye-catching thrill-seekers like “Tiger King” in 2020. But even though this narrow … Read more

Celebrations can benefit your health and well-being

Perceived social support is an important factor in maintaining mental health and well-being. Studies have shown that individuals with higher levels of perceived social support have better mental and physical health outcomes, and are less likely to experience depression, anxiety, and stress. New research finds that celebrations that highlight accomplishments can enhance the perception of … Read more

Attracting out-of-state professionals is just the first step in solving Montana’s health worker shortage

Kelly Larson Kaiser Health News Gina Eisenhart spent nearly six years as a licensed therapist in Colorado before deciding to move to a place where her services were greater. She has researched rural states facing a shortage of behavioral health providers and accepted a position as a clinical senior therapist at Chauder Children’s Hospital in … Read more

Two schools of thought on student safety: police presence, and behavioral health

Comprehensive school behavioral health systems Promote safety rates, academic success and attendance, and help reduce special education referrals, school disciplinary actions, emergency room visits and hospitalization, and the prevalence and severity of mental illness. Every student deserves to feel safe at school, and a concerted effort to implement comprehensive behavioral health services and prompt support … Read more

The lucky girl syndrome: The science behind the new TikTok trend that’s reshaping your brain

“I am a lucky girl.” “Only good things happen to me.” Or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself ever since I came across TikTok’s latest viral hashtag, Lucky Girl Syndromewhich has over 195 million views. The concept is simple: Tell yourself you’re lucky—so lucky that only good things happen to you. Then all … Read more

Learn all about Lucky Girl Syndrome, the latest mental health hack to go viral on social media

Have you ever looked at some people and thought they were fair lucky And that everything always seems to be going their way? Well, according to a new mental health ‘hack’ going viral on social media, you don’t need to be jealous of them anymore as you too can harness the power of being ‘lucky’. … Read more