The Biden administration is taking another step toward advancing a controversial oil drilling project in Alaska

CNN – The Interior Ministry’s Bureau of Land Management came forward on Wednesday the The controversial willow oil exploration project On Alaska’s North Slope, a final environmental impact statement is issued prior to project approval. ConocoPhillips’ proposed Willow drilling plan is a massive, decades-long project that the state’s bipartisan congressional delegation says will create much-needed … Read more

Hear the wind on Mars

wWhen I first heard it, it sounded like a short, shrill quote. A temporary lull in an outside event captured by an old video camera. A sound slide on a windy afternoon anywhere on Earth. The voice was actually blowing wind through the microphone. But the wind is on another planet. Wind on Mars. The … Read more

The deep learning filter improves the accuracy of detecting cell mutations and the accuracy of cancer diagnosis

Based on deep learning technology, Deepfilter automatically filters out false positive results generated in next-generation gene sequencing technologies to improve the accuracy and efficiency of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Credit: Tsinghua Science and Technology, Tsinghua University Press Next-generation cancer strategies are based on next-generation gene sequencing (NGS), which paves the way for new techniques and … Read more

How did a small but dangerous radioactive capsule get lost in the Australian desert?

A small radioactive capsule that went missing last week has finally been found somewhere in the desert in Australia after a massive search effort began. Authorities in Western Australia, when announcing their discovery, declared that they had “virtually found the needle in a haystack”. The missing silver capsule was only 8mm by 6mm, and is … Read more

Governments will be major customers for Axiom Space private astronaut missions in the future

WASHINGTON — Axiom Space says customers for private astronaut missions to the International Space Station are dominated by governments, not individuals. On a call with reporters Jan. 30, Axiom Space executives said they were “very overloaded with training” the crew for the Ax-2, the company’s second mission to the station, which is tentatively scheduled for … Read more

The study examines how thinking about your values ​​before you open your mouth leads to happier relationships

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Have you ever found yourself angry about a situation and desperate to tell the world about it by yelling at anyone who will listen? Maybe it’s time to stop; Inhale and think about the values ​​that are dear to you. A new interdisciplinary study, conducted by philosophers and linguists at Cardiff … Read more

A high-resolution cytogenetic map of Crohn’s disease was generated

Researchers at MIT’s Broad Institute and Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital have constructed a high-resolution cell map of Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition in which an overactive immune system causes inflammation throughout the gut, leading to symptoms including abdominal pain, diarrhea and weight loss. . The disease is difficult to treat and often requires hospitalization. … Read more

The Wildlife Council proposes to cancel Vasco stretch | Goa News

Panaji: The National Wildlife Council has proposed canceling the double-track of the Vasco-Castlerock-Tinaighat section, and instead laying double-track the Hubballi-Ankola road.Board members, while discussing the Karnataka proposal at the Standing Committee meeting of the Inter Railway Project pregnant and Ankola last month, said there was a “need to avoid” deforestation and, therefore, the double-tracking of … Read more