Environmental groups have criticized a plan to reopen Michigan’s nuclear plant

Dozens of environmental groups submitted a letter to federal energy officials Friday pleading with them to deny funding to a New Jersey company seeking to reopen a nuclear plant in western Michigan. In a letter Friday to US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Department of Energy officials, the groups argued that the Palisades power plant … Read more

At the United Nations, Micronesia denounces Japan’s plan to release Fukushima waters into the Pacific Ocean

A worker, wearing protective suits and masks, takes notes in front of radioactive water storage tanks at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant of Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO) in Okuma City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, February 10, 2016. REUTERS/Toro Hanai Register now to get free unlimited access to Reuters.com Register UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The … Read more

Hydraulic fracturing won’t work in the UK says fracking company Cuadrilla founder | cracking

The founder of the UK’s first hydraulic fracturing company has warned that UK hydraulic fracturing operations are impossible on any meaningful scale and will not help the energy price crisis. Chris Cornelius, the geologist who founded Quadrilla Resources, which drilled the UK’s first modern hydraulic fracturing well in Lancashire, told The Guardian he believes the … Read more

The Pine Island Glacier is more vulnerable than thought – and could cause sea levels to rise by 1.6 feet

The study warns that the Pine Island ice shelf in Antarctica is more vulnerable than previously thought — and could cause the global sea level to rise by 1.6 feet if it collapses. Pine Island ice shelf traps enough ice to raise sea level by 1.6 feet He could be more prone to complete disintegration … Read more

A new demographic study says the Earth has 20 quadrillion ants

It’s an ant world, and we’re just visiting. The new estimate brings the total number of ants burrowing and roaming on Earth to nearly 20 quadrillion individuals. That staggering amount – 20,000,000,000,000 or 20,000 trillion – reveals an astonishing omnipresent ant population even as scientists grow increasingly concerned about the prospect of a mass insect … Read more

Landowners urge Environment Minister to commit to reformulating pledges | Rebuilding

president natural england The head of England’s largest landowners’ organisation, is due to meet the new environment minister to urge him not to give up or ease up on rebuilding schemes. Tony Juniper, who will meet with Ranil Jayawardena with CLA President Mark Tofnell on Tuesday, noted that swaths of prime land were being used … Read more

Patroling the Salish Sea: How BC’s Whale Protection Unit keeps marine mammals safely by keeping humans away.

Working in the British Columbia Whale Conservation Unit at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is not your normal day job. The crew has been patrolling the Salish Sea by boat for four years, trying to keep humans away from the whales. “We want to give them as much protection as possible,” said Derek Chung, chief … Read more