Hear the wind on Mars

wWhen I first heard it, it sounded like a short, shrill quote. A temporary lull in an outside event captured by an old video camera. A sound slide on a windy afternoon anywhere on Earth. The voice was actually blowing wind through the microphone. But the wind is on another planet. Wind on Mars. The … Read more

Governments will be major customers for Axiom Space private astronaut missions in the future

WASHINGTON — Axiom Space says customers for private astronaut missions to the International Space Station are dominated by governments, not individuals. On a call with reporters Jan. 30, Axiom Space executives said they were “very overloaded with training” the crew for the Ax-2, the company’s second mission to the station, which is tentatively scheduled for … Read more

How can we really visit other universes

For nearly 100 years, physicists have tried to reconcile the physics of the smallest building blocks in the universe (quantum physics) with the physics of large galaxies (Einstein’s theory of general relativity). But they kept coming up against one requirement that was hard to swallow: Their theories only work if we live in a multiverse … Read more

An Amnesty International study found that the planet could exceed the threshold for warming by 2 degrees by mid-century

CNN – A new study using machine learning reveals that the planet could pass critical warming thresholds sooner than previous models predicted, even with coordinated global climate action. The study estimates that the planet could reach 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels in a decade, and finds a “significant potential” for global warming to exceed … Read more

How to spot planets hiding in plain sight

This video was produced by Trevor Kjorlien as part of the CBC Creator Network. Learn more about Creators Network here. Most people are aware that if you live in the city, light pollution limits your view of the night sky. If you want to see a lot of stars, comets and the Milky Way, you … Read more

A pagan view of the origins of the universe

Last week, two people—one Pagan, the other Christian—asked me, “How did the universe come about?” I wasn’t able to go into any depth with either answer, and I want to do so here in this post. I want to start with the only answer we can be sure is correct: we don’t know. I’ve heard … Read more

Radioisotope research shows our solar system is made of ‘a lousy mix of cake mix’

A thin section of a meteorite under a microscope, featuring chondrocytes of complex texture. Chondrules are among the oldest materials in the solar system. Credit: Nicole Zeke Ni. Earth’s potassium arrived via Meteorite Delivery Service to find new research led by Nicole Ni and Da Wang of Carnegie. Their work, published in the journal Science, … Read more