3 reasons to sweep the Cleveland Guardians

The Chicago White Sox needed a sweep for a realistic chance of overtaking the Cleveland Guardians in the MLS Central. Instead, they were overrun. And now the team that once had world championship aspirations is on the verge of losing the post-season. The Sox entered the series’ opening game Friday against the Detroit Tigers seven … Read more

Europeans dominate USCX’s first weekend at Go Cross – 2022 Series Standings – Cyclocross Magazine

the first USCX The weekend concluded the cyclocross series and it was a European domination. Caroline Mane defends another year Caroline Mane (Alpha Groove Silverthorne) took first place on both days. with Victory last yearShe managed to defend her title for another year. Raylyn Nuss (Steve Tilford Foundation Racing) finished second on both days. Austin … Read more

Cowboy Baseball welcomes Mercer back as student coach

Story links Still water – Oklahoma State has added Cowboy Baseball Hall of Famer Jordy Mercer to its coaching staff as a student assistant. A former two-way star in Stillwater who continued his career in Major League Baseball for 10 years, Mercer plays for his OSU team Robin Ventura over the past three seasons. Ventura … Read more

Kurt Suzuki retires after 2022 season

Longtime big league catcher Kurt Suzuki He will retire once the 2022 season is over, he says Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register. It comes the day after Hawaii’s 39th birthday. “I feel it’s timeSuzuki Fletcher said. “You did a great job, winning the world championship, the all-star game. Played 16 seasons. I’ve accomplished … Read more

Ukraine war threatens nuclear disaster and highlights UN divisions, takes center stage in General Assembly

United nations UN officials had hoped that this year the General Assembly would take place in New York — the first annual gathering of nearly 200 nations at the world body since Corona Virus The pandemic hit – it will take a broad focus on the many crises facing humanity at the moment. But with … Read more

World Championship odds for September 18, 2022

This article was contributed by DraftKings. For more ideas on sports betting, check out DraftKings Playbook. With only two weeks left in the regular season, we’re checking our strength ratings. As usual, we compare How do you rank these differences? Then compare them to their chances of winning the world championship on the sportsbook. Let’s … Read more