Witches are better, and so is the rest of the East

Many Washington Wizards came out of their long summer with a different look. Dini Avdija dyed his hair. Kristaps Porzingis has grown a beard. Although Bradley Bell still looks as young as he did 11 years ago when he started this journey, he now sports a father of three. Wizards’ menu as a whole has … Read more

The Warriors fuel perpetual disrespect in their quest to replicate the success of the NBA Finals

SAN FRANCISCO – There’s always someone, current or former NBA player, analyst with a microphone, who can’t resist pouring salt in the Warriors’ festive champagne. It has become, like barbecues and trips to the beach, a summer ritual. Win a chip, wait for disrespect. Boston Celtics striker Grant Williams fired his first mid-summer blast, declaring … Read more

Jeremy Lin is the subject of a new documentary about 15 minutes of fame

Jeremy Lin is the subject of a new HBO documentarypicture: Getty Images The 2011-12 NBA closing season was really 11 years ago. to remember LeBron James vs Kevin Durant Flag football game And the tour by NBA stars who went to play at various gyms across the country? (I’m still upset that I missed them … Read more

NBArank 2022 – Best Players Ranking 2022-23, 10 to 6

NBArank is back for its twelfth season as the best player in the league. Where do MVP candidates like Giannis AntikonmoAnd the Luka DoncicAnd the Joel Embiid And the Nikola Jokic? What about freshmen and young stars ready to jump into the top tier of NBA players? where is he LeBron JamesWho enters his twentieth … Read more

5 things to look forward to this jazz season

We are just under a month away from Utah Jazz Season opener. The Jazz players are starting to head back to Salt Lake City before the start of camp starting a week from today. Looking at this upcoming season, there is no doubt that it will be very different from the past decade or so. … Read more

The 100 best players in the NBA: how to evaluate Kawhi Leonard, and other question marks that will decide the fate of the contenders

There are as many arguments as players CBS Sports’ Top 100 NBA Listwhether Giannis Antetokounmue, Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant belong in the lead is how many places LeBron James should have fallen where enigmas like James Harden and Russell Westbrook belong. But among the most intriguing — and poignant in terms of contenders — … Read more

NBA Movie Tweets: From LeBron James to Damian Lillard

NBA Twitter can be a cold and dark place. There are death threats thrown at players like Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook and his family. There are frequent criticisms of misogyny for WNBA. And there’s a daily smash of LeBron James and other stars Who is a professional hater who skips Bayliss. Then a … Read more