A lizard in your luggage? We use artificial intelligence to detect wildlife trafficking

A scanned image of a lizard (Varanus varius) produced using a new technology. Credit: Rapiscan Systems, author provided Among the local animals are blue-tongued lizards and sulfur-crowned parrots It is often smuggled overseas. While the number of live animals confiscated by the Australian government has Tripled since 2017The full scale of the problem eludes us … Read more

AI-guided tools precisely identify immune cell driver and protective genetic factor for esophageal cancer

Esophageal adenoma (EAC) is a type of cancer that affects the mucous glands of the lower esophagus -; The tube that connects the throat to the stomach. It is the most common form of esophageal cancer and is often preceded by Barrett’s metaplasia (BE), which is a harmful change in the cells lining the esophagus. … Read more

AI-generated images face Getty ban as privacy and property concerns grow

Getty Images has banned the uploading and selling of any AI-generated images – in an effort to keep itself safe from any legal issues that might arise from what is effectively the Wild West of today’s art generation. “There are real copyright concerns regarding the output of these models and unaddressed rights issues regarding the … Read more

Sarine . AI-based second-generation diamond grading

Sareen brought it to you In manual grading, graders have differences in the way they see diamonds and how they interpret what they see. There is also a natural subjective issue when individuals experience fatigue and exhaustion. As a result, the diamond market has always searched for the most accurate and consistent grading service available. … Read more

CIO Vision 2025: Bridging the Gap Between Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

Looming is addressing deficiencies in data management and corporate infrastructure, as well as internal structural and process rigidity and talent deficits. About 72% of tech executives surveyed in this study say that if their companies fail to achieve their AI goals, data issues are likely to be the cause. Survey respondents say that improving processing … Read more

Cleveland wants to use AI to fight illegal dumping

Cleveland, Ohio – The City of Cleveland will work with Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University on a solution to AI-assisted illegal dumping. The final product would ideally provide new city-owned technology that Cleveland could use to identify people responsible for dumping, according to Roy Fernando, Mayor Justin Bibb’s chief innovation and technology … Read more