AGM Glory G1S review: Superpowers in a rugged smartphone

Positives thermographic Big Screen Durable, grippy casing Long battery life The rear cameras are capable strong performance Negatives heavy Android 11 and Jan 2022 security Mono rear speaker Earlier this summer, my ZDNET colleague, Jack Wallen, posted his message impressions AGM Glory G1S Durable smartphone. I’m following it up with this official review. I’ve spent … Read more

Ford unveils an all-new smartphone on E-Transit Custom wheels

At the Hannover IAA Transportation event, stronghold It revealed new features and specifications for the all-new E Transit Custom, an all-electric commercial truck, or what the automaker calls a “smartphone on wheels.” Since launch Electronic TransitFord quickly became a leader in commercial electric vehicles. according to Ford sales in August According to the report, E-Transit … Read more

A federal judge overturned a ruling to ensure voters with disabilities in Wisconsin can get help casting their ballots.

A federal judge on August 31 suspended a ruling that would have prevented Wisconsin voters with disabilities from getting assistance when casting their ballots. The ruling will allow voters with a disability to have another person return absentee ballots on their behalf. In July, a conservative majority in the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled, in a … Read more

The interlocking web: Some future telescope users are urging NASA to change the name of the device

The James Webb Space Telescope image of the same name shows former NASA Administrator James Webb. attributed to him: US Department of Veterans Affairs As the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) gazes softly into infrared radiation into space to reveal more layers of cosmic history, the controversy over which name it bears simmers a million … Read more

Smartphones and older users remain uncomfortable

Smartphones have gone from being a luxury or convenience to a necessity or a lifeline, yet people over 50 are less likely to own devices and more likely to feel left out on their part. why does it matter: More than ever, services and businesses from banks to doctor’s offices and restaurants to airlines expect … Read more

Springfield Police Commissioners are complaining to City Council members about the lack of help and support from the city

SPRINGFIELD – It’s been eight months since the city’s Board of Police Commissioners was formed, but commissioners on Monday expressed frustration that it continues to falter without clear guidance or administrative support from the city council. “We are all confused,” Commissioner Robert Jackson said. “If we don’t seem to know what’s going on, it’s because … Read more

“Fruit growers can soon harvest and prune using the same device”

In the future, fruit growers may have a single robot to assist with harvesting, pruning and weeding throughout the year. In the Netherlands, Agro Food Robotics’ Next Fruit 4.0 project is developing pruning and pruning shears that use image analysis to automatically identify the correct fruit and branches. Sometimes apple, pear, raspberry and other fruit … Read more

How to protect your phone and data privacy at US Customs

International travelers may know that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can scroll through your phone in a “random search.” But the new details paint a picture of large-scale and messy data collection that puts your privacy at risk. Copy data from devices at entry points to the US — including airports and border crossings … Read more