Celebrities are starting to leave Twitter. Here is the playlist.

Elon Musk Twitter takeover Some in Hollywood are turning to the director.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” and others in the entertainment industry say they plan to abandon the platform now that it is owned by the self-proclaimed Musk.Absolute freedom of expressionwho vowed to make sweeping changes — including potentially repealing former President Donald Trump’s embargo.

“Don’t hang around all that Elon is planning. Good-bye,” Reims chirp To nearly two million followers on Twitter on Saturday afternoon, two days after Musk closed his $44 billion deal to buy the service.

Here’s a playlist of other people from the overlapping worlds of TV, film, music and sports who say they’re planning to leave.

Sarah Bareilles

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter chirp To her nearly 3 million followers on Sunday: “Hi. Twitter has been fun. I’m out. See you on the other platforms, mates.

“Sorry, this is not for me,” Bareilles added, capping her post with heartfelt emojis and prayer hands.

Toni Braxton

In a tweet to her nearly two million followers on Friday, the Grammy-winning R&B star decried the content she said she’s seen on Twitter since the Musk takeover, Partially written: “I have been shocked and appalled by some of the ‘freedom of expression’ I have seen on this platform since its acquisition.

Braxton added, using caps for people of color.

Mick Foley

Foley, a retired professional wrestler and actor, said in a post on his site Verified public Facebook page That he took a “break” from Twitter “because the new ownership – and disinformation and hate seem encouraging – is in trouble.”

“I really enjoy connecting with all of you on social media, but it can be overwhelming at times. I think I’ll be back in a few weeks, but in the meantime, I’ll keep posting on Facebook and Instagram,” Foley wrote on Friday. “I hope you are all being kind to each other.

“Please vote if you can too – it seems our democracy is hanging by a thread,” he added. (Foley’s Twitter account It appears to have been deactivated.)

Brian Kopelman

Koppelman, who is one of the creators of the Showtime dramas “Billions” and “Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber,” recently tweeted: “Y’all’s, really, come find me on instagram and the tok. I’ll really try to take a break from here for a minute or two.” A month is approaching the date of the deal.”

The screenwriter and producer has Since he closed his tweetswhich means that only approved followers can see what he posts.

Eric Larsen

Larsen, author and comic book artist Best known for “The Amazing Spider-Man”, It said “The day Elon Musk buys Twitter is the day I delete my account and leave Twitter,” he tweeted in April.

larsen handleErikJLarsen, appears to have been deactivated on Monday.

In an email, Larsen confirmed that he’s done with Twitter.

“Yes, I left. I said I would leave if Mask bought Twitter. Mask bought Twitter,” he said. “So, I had no choice. This move only encouraged those more toxic users. The racists and ‘patriots’ and creeps are back in full force.”

“I do not regret,” he added.

Tia Leoni

Leonie, an actor best known for starring in the political drama “Madam Secretary” on CBS. chirp To my nearly 124,000 followers on Saturday: “Hi everyone. I’m going off Twitter today – to see where we are when the dust settles.

“Today’s dust has revealed a lot of hate, a lot of hate going in the wrong direction,” Leoni added. “Love, kindness and potential for all of you.”

Ken Olin

Olin, executive producer of NBC’s “This Is Us” and former star of the ABC drama series “Thirtysomething,” chirp To his nearly 293,000 followers he is “out here”. Then he called for kindness and peace.

Alex Winter

Winter, the actor and film director known for playing Bill in the “Bill and Ted” movie series alongside Keanu Reeves, shut down his Twitter account sometime after the Musk takeover. for him Biography on the site Now it says “Not here” and links to his Instagram profile.

“Elon Musk took over Twitter and made it a private company with less oversight, which immediately made the platform more vulnerable to hate speech, targeted attacks, and the spread of misinformation,” Winter said in an email. “If Twitter returns to being a public company run by rational actors, many of us will return.”

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