Celtics score for 76, fast food: Boston defeats Philadelphia in the NBA regular season opener

The Boston Celtics reached the NBA Finals last June. However, they are still entering the new season and facing a lot of questions after their coach was suspended for a year and replaced by someone with no prior NBA experience during an off-season period. Despite these distractions, the Celtics looked like a legitimate contender once again in their first game of the season.

Against the retooled Philadelphia 76ers who added several new pieces over the summer, the Celtics took charge in the second half with a 126-117 win. The game was tied in the first half, but Boston edged out Philadelphia 35-35 in the third quarter, and then never looked back. For Boston, the usual suspects were the ones who led the way. Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown each scored 35 points in the competition, and Tatum also added 12 rebounds and four assists. This tandem appears to be alternating with the Philadelphia defenders.

Marcus Smart, Defensive Player of the Year also added 14 points and seven assists for the Celtics. As a team, Boston hit 56 percent of the ground.

James Harden led the way for Philadelphia with 35 points, seven assists and eight rebounds, and perhaps his game was the best. The most encouraging side From evening to sex. Last season’s runner-up Joel Embiid finished with 26 points, 15 rebounds and five assists, and rising star Therese Maxi added 21 points, including nine in the fourth quarter. The production of this trio wasn’t enough to lift the Sixers to a season-opening win.

Only so much can be taken from the first game of the season, but the Celtics certainly looked pretty cool again, especially considering the fact that he was without his core heart Robert Williams. Once he returns, it can be very difficult to bring down Boston. For Philadelphia, the Sixers obviously have a few things they need to clean up, but they shouldn’t be too frustrated after one game, given all the new bits they’re incorporating.

Here’s a look at three key points from Boston’s season-opening win over Philadelphia.

1. An encouraging start for Brogdon

After two shy banner-hanging wins, Malcolm Brogdon was Boston’s biggest overseas acquisition, which he replaced last July. Brogdon, Rookie of the Year, made his debut with the team on Tuesday night, and went very well. Brogdon came off the bench for Boston, but played 24 minutes – the fourth most from a team. In that time, he scored 15 points while shooting 7 of 11 from the ground. He also added four assists, two rebounds, and two rebounds.

It was a solid production, but the full value of what he gave the team wasn’t just reflected in his own numbers. Offer the team an extra threat on the offensive end, and an extra player able to create their own attack. This made things easier for other players like Tatum and Brown. Brogdon isn’t built to be the top choice on the title team, but he’d make a really nice third or fourth choice on one. As the season goes on, you have to assume that he will become more comfortable playing with his new teammates, and that may make him more effective. Again, it’s only one game, but the addition of Brogdon seems valuable to Boston.

2. Boston dominated the transition

If there’s one thing in particular that the Sixers can point to as the reason they appear to be on the wrong side of this, it’s their transitional defense. The Sixers allowed the Celtics to score 24 breakpoint points, while notching a total of two—yes, only two—by themselves. It’s hard to win the game when the other team beats you by more than 20 points in one category, and that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday night. From now on, Sixers have to make a file [much] More concerted efforts to return to defense in the transitional phase, or else many gyms will run out. One of the things they can do to help themselves is take better care of basketball. The Sixers have 14 rotation teams (compared to Boston’s 11) and many of them led directly to easy, undisputed transitional baskets for the Celtics.

In addition to better defense in transition, Sixers also need to be more aggressive about generating their own attack at break. Having only two quick break points is laughable, especially when you have a talent level like The Sixers. To get ahead, they need to pick up the pace. Delivering the ball to Teresa Maxi frequently in the backcourt is a good start.

3. Lampide’s Forgotten Night

Joel Embiid’s final numbers from the match look pretty good: 26 points, 15 rebounds, five assists and a block. However, those numbers are a bit misleading, as Embiid certainly didn’t have one of his best performances. I thought he spent way too long lining up at the elbow or floating around the perimeter, rather than creating another position, which became his bread and butter during his previous MVP-caliber seasons. In the block area is where he has the most advantage, and he puts a lot of pressure on defense from that position. Plus, he’s evolved into a much-improved passer out of position when he’s a double team, which he always is.

He only shot one of six from long range against the Celtics, but he shot eight of 12 with two shots and seven of nine from the spoiled streak. Some of that is on Embiid to do a better job of establishing himself in the position, but some of it is related to the scheme. Philadelphia needs to do a better job of helping the big guy establish himself early and often. Embiid also had six turnovers against Boston, which is unacceptable. He has become less prone to spinning during his career, but has been very careless and loose with the ball in this game.

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