Chiefs-Titans: DE Carlos Dunlap is rested and ready for a bigger role

Now in his eleventh season (and with his third team), Carlos Dunlap sees on the defensive end an unexpected advantage in playing for Kansas City Chiefs: real time vacation During the eighth week of the team.

“We didn’t have a little Leave,” Dunlap remarked to reporters before practice on Wednesday. “We had a very good farewell week, a nice farewell. I didn’t have one like this. That was unusual.”

Taking a week off was different from his previous hiatus with Cincinnati Bengals And the Seattle Seahawks. And he believes coach Andy Reed’s decision to give his players some rest will benefit the team as they prepare for a game Tennessee Titans on me Sunday Night Football.

“Traditionally, it was like Wednesday through Sunday,” Dunlap explained. “We really needed it too—because we were working hard. Bootcamp was the hardest bootcamp I’ve ever seen and been in, so I guess that was his way of saying, ‘You guys were grinding. We’re sitting at 5-2. Let’s throw A look at what we did to get to 5-2 – and how we could have been 7-0. You guys stay away from football, take care of your bodies and come back and get ready for this night game.”

The players did not know about the extended farewell until after the team had finished 44-23 Domination subordinate San Francisco 49ers In the seventh week.

“They kept it a secret because obviously the focus is the game,” the 33-year-old recalls. “Anytime you know the schedule for farewell week, people start planning the farewell week before the game. We focused on the game, we took care of business — and [Reid] announced it.”

Through seven games, Dunlap has played in a rotation, only twice taking more than half of his defensive shots. He may see more intense action on Sunday due to arrogant teammate Frank Clark Serves the ban twice And defensive line coach Joe Cullen always wants players to be ready to step in.

“Obviously Frank was our rookie,” Dunlap said, “but Colin preaches that everyone who is a rookie. You step in — don’t fall — you still have a job to do as well. Keep pressing until Frank comes back — because you saw what he did in his last game.” He’ll come hot and ready and fresh to do more of that. We’ll take care of our business and keep it up for him.”

He foresees no problem in taking on a larger role, citing his many chapters as a reliable start.

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“Throughout my career, I’ve been used to carrying the burden,” Dunlap declared. “The difference now? They look at the players and try to limit their roles so that they are available later in the season. I’ve always tried to do whatever it takes – [and] I invested in myself to make sure I was available anytime the team called me.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever seen me on the sidelines. No matter what time I play, you see me constantly doing something to stay warm or loose — or a routine to keep my body ready when it’s my turn to go.”

If he sees additional footage in the next two weeks, Dunlap’s chance of hitting a milestone: 100 career portfolios increases. He sits at 98 through his first seven games of the season.

“I’ve had two games now and have chances to do that,” he noted. “We want to get that done – obviously – so we can get over that hump. That’s not my only goal, but it’s a milestone – and something I told my dad I would do. It’s important to me to get that done.”

“Obviously I need 108 or 110 to be in that legendary conversation. Those are real goals. I promised my dad I would do a hundred. Losing him this year, getting that hundred early in the season is important to me.”

Carlos Dunlap Sr. He died in January After being hit by a car.

As Dunlap and his teammates prepare for the visiting Titans, there are some questions about any quarterback they might encounter. Tennessee’s rookie Malik Willis kicked off their Week 8 win over the Houston Texas After an ankle injury kept starting player Ryan Tanehill out of the match. was tanhill about Limited Wednesday’s initial injury report.

But Dunlap is not worried about the uncertainty around Sunday’s game.

“It makes it more difficult because you don’t know,” he admitted. “Obviously they have different game plans for different players. But you kind of have a pretty good idea of ​​what they want to highlight with who they get. Once you know who it is, you go from there.”

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