Chychrun wants to become the rival trade, Evgeni Malkin shines

And now we have started. Teams across the NHL began camp Thursday, including the Pittsburgh Penguins training camp at UPMC Lemieux Complex. Many stories of penguins came to life. Jakob Chychrun sparked the NHL trade rumors openly by saying he wanted a deal for a competitor. Edmonton Oilers may still put Jesse Poliugarvi in ​​the trading block. The Washington Capitals started camp, but Karl Hagelin suffered another long-term injury, one of several injury updates in the capital. The first day of camp for the Philadelphia Flyers was TORTure, and I love this headline.

And welcome to the newest addition to National Hockey Now, Dallas Hockey Now. I’m not sure how close Penguins fans are to Dallas, but it’s going to be an interesting story this season.

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Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Dave Molinari spoke with new penguins defender Ty Smith. Dave wrote that the busy Blue Line and battle location do not frighten Smith, who may set his own path with Pittsburgh penguins.

When two ski boot owners get stuck, the penguins’ locker room will be less fun. He did some great moves and then had fun with us in the locker room. Video is also included. “I will stay here forever” Yevgeny Malkin It was in rare form.

PHN+: The number one question everyone asks is “Who looks good?” We answered that question, and some of the names bode well for the future of penguins. Impressions and plans of Mike Sullivan for Pittsburgh Penguins Training Camp.

Steelers now

First, there are some great stories about Today, after the Steelers lost 29-17 to the Browns on Thursday night football.

  • Steelers Extra (+): The attack was better and fiercer, but only 17 points? The attack was aggressive enough to Steelers?
  • Deontay Johnson didn’t completely dump buses under the bus. Wait, actually, he did. “We can only do what they ask us to do,” he said. Steelers postgame.
  • The leader had a different point of view, “We kicked our ass,” he said Cam Heyward.

Pittsburgh baseball now

  • I’m a little excited to see this kid – Endy Rodrigues is still a red-hot in Triple A. pirate horizons Watch.
  • The pirate is set to bring Ji Hwan Bae.
  • Click here for the post-game synopsis, David Bednar news and all things Pittsburgh Pirates.

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NHL Trade Chatter, News and National Hockey Now:

Arizona Sports: NHL commercial chatter – Jacob Chicheron didn’t invent the words. He wants to play for a competitor and hopes to be Trade for one.

Yes, but that’s the price. You can window shop for a Rolex, but paying the price is another matter.

metro division

Hockey in Washington Now: Like the first day of school, Sammy Silber wore a new Vince Camuto jacket and Burberry shoes. The first important news was a departure from the path of injury. Karl Hagelin outside the long term.

  • Nick Backstrom He wants to play this season. and a hit update on Pittsburgh Penguins’ enemy #1 (or did Jacob become a Tropa 1?), Tom Wilson.
  • Something the Penguins can relate to – John Carlson admitted that after four consecutive playoff failures, he and Washington Capitals “I feel like sh*t.”

Philly Hockey Now: John Tortorella put the boys in ‘torture’. Love the headline from Sam Carchidi! Tony D’Angelo admitted that his legs were given a bit. Here’s the first day of Philadelphia Flyers.

I miss pat. I feel like I need a good cheese steak. I love Peppi here, but they don’t use Whiz, and the grease is contained.

New coach. New streak combinations, D pairs, and a new start for New York Islanders.

NHL News

TSN Insiders: Bo Horvat has yet to return to the NHL trade block, but contract negotiations have begun, and The sides are not close.

Hockey news: Mzetri trying to move Jesse Poliogarvi.

Montreal Hockey Now: Remember This Man – Mike Matheson will play a crucial role in Montreal Canadiens.

Colorado: It’s a 2C position battle for the Stanley Cup holders. Colorado Avalanche gives Evan Rodriguez Shot.

Dallas: New star streak sets and a fresh start after last season’s disappointment. Dallas stars Camp begins.

Calgary: Talk about fire and ice. My destiny is in the middle. Sony Milano in this suite? Calgary Flames lines.

Vegas: It’s lean. It’s not mean. Who will Phil Kessel play for Vegas Golden Nights?

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