Cloud computing: advances the Indian business world for enterprise technology firms as the demand for digitalization and cloud-led solutions continues

Indian business units of global technology companies have reported a steady increase in business over the past year despite concerns about slowing technology demand globally due to macroeconomic headwinds.

As Indian companies continue to invest in digitization and shift to the cloud, businesses love
AccentureAnd the
inspirationBoth SAP and Nutanix have reported high double-digit increases in India’s revenue over the past year.

None of these companies provide a breakdown of revenue figures by country.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to digital transformation and cloud adoption, and this has translated into higher demand across the board.

Piyush N Singh, India’s head of business, Accenture, said the past two years have seen an acceleration in cloud computing, and because the world has gone digital so quickly, organizations have also been consuming more digital data.

“So, when you combine these two points, you start to get into a space which is driving the technological revolution,” he said.

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Accenture gains market He added that its share in India is at a rapid pace.

“Business is in a very healthy state for Accenture today and the reason is that it is not just the demand for technology, we are at a point where there is a continuous technology revolution. There are very visible and tangible capabilities or phenomena driving that,” he said.

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cloud space.

While large companies like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud are doubling their investments in India and increasing their presence, companies helping customers make this transformation are also seeing rapid growth.

The oracle told her
The cloud business was growing in three numbers In India on the back of strong demand across public and private sector enterprises.

“…we are seeing a very strong cloud momentum in India,” said Kapil Makhija, Vice President – Technology Cloud Business, Oracle India.

He said the company is doing well in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) markets.

“Cloud technology has fared tremendously well, and Oracle’s business in India has been a strong driver of the company’s growth – the OCI unit posted growth over 100% for the third consecutive year,” he said.

Globally, companies have postponed spending on technology or reallocated budgets to focus on high priority areas. In India so far, companies report that demand remains strong as companies move to digitize a larger portion of their workloads and core operations.

For most companies, growth comes from existing customers expanding the business as well as adding new customers.

About 13% of the German technology company SAP’s global customers are now from India, which is among the company’s fastest growing markets, S
Cote Russell, executive board member, Customer Success, recently told ET.

“(Indian companies) are trying to expand their business in other parts of the world, and we are able to capitalize on that,” he said. The enterprise software manufacturer recorded triple-digit growth in India for three quarters from four in 2021.

Most companies remain confident that even if demand subsides in geographies like Europe or North America, India is likely to continue growing at a similar pace over the next several quarters.

Nutanix, the hyperconverged infrastructure provider, said that while there may be concerns about an impending recession, there is no shortage of money to invest in ways to improve enterprise infrastructure.

“We don’t see any signs that anyone (in India) might slow down,” said Aaron White, Vice President and General Manager – APJ Sales at Nutanix.

“Conversely, we think that customers and customers are really looking at how to use multi-cloud and hybrid cloud rather than having one partner in the identity of the cloud and doing everything and spending it on that they look at the multi-cloud strategy and I think that’s where the opportunity for Nutanix is ​​very high. White added.

Last year, the company saw its annual contract value grow 64% year over year, outpacing other geographies.

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