Dan Harmon says ‘Society’ still includes Donald Glover

“Fans, sit tight: More of your favorite cast members may already appear in the upcoming Peacock movie — including Donald Glover. This is according to the creator Dan Harmonwho talked about why there are two major stars in ‘Society’, Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown Missing from the green light news last week.

Although Peacock and Sony Pictures TV have announced that the film will be produced with original stars Joel McHaleDanny Buddy, Alison Brie, Jillian Jacobs, Jim Rush and Ken JeongHarmon confirms it diverse in which others can still appear as well.

“I think Donald is coming, based on word of mouth, but it’s just the deal that’s not formal or informal. It’s going to be really hard to commit to doing this thing without Donald,” Harmon said. I think if there are names missing from the list, it’s because the names are on the list, and their deals have been agreed enough that it’s okay to say they’re on the list, and anyone who isn’t on the list, it’s not yet. So there is nothing official about anyone leaving.”

In what may be a hint of that, Brown has been enthusiastically posting about the movie “Community” on her social media accounts, although she has yet to address the topic of her engagement. And the In the reunion committee 2020Glover said vaguely that it would be a game for the movie “Society” if one happened.

The “Community” creator — who also co-created another fan favorite, “Rick & Morty” — sat down with diverse in New York Comic Con On Friday, after a session of the screening of his new comedy film “Karabopolis” on Fox Channel. (During that painting, Harmon eating the possibility of Chevy Chase — whose character, Pierce, was killed in Season 5 of “Society” after backstage struggles — returned to the film, saying, “I don’t even know if it’s legal for him to come back. It might be out of my hands. There might be something I signed up with an insurance company.” “)

Harmon finally managed to stop asking questions about the movie “Community” – because as of last week, it’s officially all set. But now, he’s faced with a lot of new questions: Who will be (and won’t be) in it? Who will direct the movie? How did the bidding war on Greendale Community College end in favor of the Peacock?

But wherever there are questions, Harmon has answers. Besides asking about the cast, we know that Harmon wrote the film with the help of “Society” alumnus Andrew Guest. But who is directing the film?

“There is a director who has directed some of my favorite episodes of ‘The Society,’ and it would be great to see the ability to do the movie,” Harmon said. (Among the names that have come up in the past: former “Society” directors like Justin Lin, Anthony, and Joe Russo.) “And that didn’t mention the Russo brothers, who I’d also love to see come back. But I suppose they’re pretty busy.”

“But we haven’t had any legitimate official talks with people,” he added. “Sony’s strategy was, let’s make this a project that exists and then we’ll talk about onboarding directors. I think they’re doing that because, depending on how big that director is, the director can then make the deal more complicated to close. So it’s a lot easier to make sure that happens, and now we can To come out to the directors and say, ‘Do you care?’ But that process hasn’t even started yet… It’s also exciting to be able to announce, ‘So and so is directing it,’ and ‘Now Donald Glover is officially in it for real’ and we can get kicked out of these ads. .”

Meanwhile, Harmon revealed why the studio “Community” Sony Pictures Television chose Peacock as the home of the film. Universal TV is a partner in the show – a legacy of the fact that “The Community” was developed and originally broadcast on NBC. But Harmon emphasized that the film was marketed all over town and was at the center of the bidding war. Bigger platforms were interested, but Harmon said Peacock put on a show that he felt right.

“Everyone we spoke to got roughly the same number, in terms of budget, and that made sense to them, and that includes places like Amazon,” he said. “But Peacock, they are Greendale Community College for Signs – they probably don’t want this marketing. They share our DNA, but more importantly, because of that, I think they saw this and knew we would be a lovable partner with them. And they really expressed that through how very caring they are. By promoting the movie and letting us make it the way we want to. They were able to express these things in a contract that meant something. That’s a case, a prom date might be more common here, but do we just want to be lucky to partner with someone who doesn’t have to give us time From today?Or do we really want to collaborate with someone in our same area, which is we want to make something cool and let everyone know when it’s working and things like that.

“In the case of reasonably intense bidding, the peacock was the one expressing love and devotion,” he added. “And we went with them.”

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