Daniel Ricciardo is starting to reconsider options instead of sitting ‘in the back of the garage fiddling with his thumb’

After a disappointing qualifying session at the Japanese Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo announced his decision to cut the helmet for 2023. With confirmed Pierre Gasly’s Alpine and Nyck de Vries’ participation in AlphaTauri, Ricciardo seems to realize that it won’t be. on the 2023 grid.


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Daniel Ricciardo’s decision to leave the network for a year caused a sad shock among fans. More than a few suggested that Ricciardo move to racing in other leagues such as NASCAR or IndyCar instead of waiting for F1.


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Being a huge NASCAR fan, Danielle Ricciardo can be said to have the charisma and racing skills of the sport. And none of the more staunch advocates of Ricciardo’s switching sports than Formula One presenter Will Buxton.

Buxton took to Twitter after the news of Ricciardo spread and wrote, “Daniel’s vacation doesn’t make sense to me. I honestly don’t understand the logic. If his hope is up where does he go? Even if he takes a Merc reserve, there won’t be a racing seat in 2024. RBR and Ferrari are solid, so now Alpine and McLaren… That ship has sailed.”

Daniel Ricciardo He may have spoken of his desire to focus on the 2024 grid. But Buxton’s words hold such a significance that one year won’t make much of a difference.

“If the dream of Formula One ends, he quickly reconciles with him and finds a new lease of life in a championship where he can be competitive. That is why I loved seeing him in Indycar. He did not sit in the back of the garage and play with his thumb.”

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Daniel Ricciardo throws in the towel as Formula One career stalls

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Many Ricciardo fans who would like to see the cheerful man follow Buxton’s advice. But at this point, what matters is what Daniel Ricciardo wishes to do next.

Daniel Ricciardo is not mentally ready for IndyCar or NASCAR

It’s not just fans who consider IndyCar or NASCAR to be a great route for Ricciardo right now.

Daniel has received invitations to IndyCar previously, most recently from Romain Grosjean. When announcing his sabbatical, the former Formula One driver tweeted that he’d like to see Ricciardo in IndyCar.


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However, the Australian driver has put all his hopes into changing his career. He has no desire to shut the door on Formula One, claiming it is just “paused”.

“As fun or great as competing in something else may seem, the truth is mentally, I’m not there yet. I still am, so I’m involved in this and I think some time off the bench will probably benefit me” He said Ricardo.

“Maybe I’ll use that the other way around [to get back in F1] Instead of trying to jump into something else and keep busy in a different category. I will argue convincingly that this will not happen anywhere else.”


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These are some very specific words from Daniel Ricciardo, criticizing the opportunity now. While we should respect his choice, one cannot help but mourn his absence from the racetrack.

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