Disappointing iPhone 15 Leak, MacBook Pro missing, more iPhone 14 problems

Taking a look at another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes the latest iPhone 15 disappointment, more bad news for the iPhone 14, Apple Watch, Pixel Watch, lost MacBook Pro release, iPhone and AirPods charger fines, Pro 2 problems and App impact Store junk on our culture.

The Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the many discussions that have taken place around Apple over the past seven days (You can read the weekly summary of Android news here on Forbes).

Disappointing iPhone 15 Leak

For many, the iPhone 15 is an opportunity to push the iPhone case forward, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be going well. After a TouchID leak last week, the introduction of the iPhone with Apple’s 5G modem was reportedly delayed:

“… the news is a blow to iPhone fans. Apple has always demonstrated the benefits of its tightly integrated chips, and Apple’s internal modems are expected to deliver significant performance and energy efficiency gains over Qualcomm’s off-the-shelf XR range, which is also used by most Android competitors.”


iPhone 14 sales numbers are low

Does iPhone 14 meet expectations? As it stands, sales on the popular smartphone have fallen. The numbers have to be balanced by iPhone 14 Pro sales, but Apple’s strategy of curbing core iPhone specs to make bigger phones look better may have an unintended consequence:

DigiTimes claims that sales of the iPhone 14‌ and iPhone 14‌ Plus have been largely overshadowed by the ‘enthusiastic’ response to the iPhone 14 Pro and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max. Sources speaking to DigiTimes say that despite differences in sales performance between Pro and non-Pro iPhone models. This year, total iPhone 14‌ model shipments will likely be roughly the same as those of the iPhone 13 lineup in the second half of 2021.”

(Mac rumors).

Some watching while watching

With the Apple Watch on one wrist and the Pixel Watch on the other, is it fair to compare these two smartwatches? It’s an obvious comparison, but if you can’t mix and match your phones and watches, can you really compare them?

“…It is also difficult to put a Google device in direct competition with Apple devices. As the Apple Watch is aimed at iPhone and Pixel Watch owners is more for Google Pixel owners and those using Android smartphones, there is a built-in split of public interest… Google The Pixel Watch is an excellent smartwatch on paper, and definitely a competitor to the Apple Watch. It’s just that they each cater to their own ecosystem and probably won’t encroach on the other’s territory much in the future.”

(Apple Insider).

Why skip launching MacBook Pro

Apple could have held a successful launch event, to celebrate the moment to complete the Mac’s transition to Apple Silicon and reinforce the message with two advanced, high-performance MacBook Pro laptops. So why would the new MacBook Pro be launched with a press release instead?

“It’s as if Apple has already said it [the move to Apple Silicon is complete]… at WWDC when it announced the second generation of the Apple Silicon M2 chipset. While the M2 Pro and M2 Ultra are expected for the MacBook Pro with the launch of the new MacBook, when the team stood up and threw the M2 party in the summer, there’s no need to turn it on again. The job is done, everyone knows the new model, and it’s time to move on to the next thing.”


Brazilian fine for lost iPhone chargers

Last week saw the European Parliament confirm the introduction of a mandate for USB-C chargers in the EU. This week, Brazilian authorities, who have been dealing with manufacturers removing chargers from their retail packaging, fined Apple $19 million for doing so:

“The São Paulo state court ruled against Apple in a lawsuit brought by the Association of Borrowers, Consumers and Taxpayers, which argued that the company was committing abusive practices by selling its flagship product without a charger.” Apple said it would appeal the decision.


Having new AirPods audio problems

Apple’s latest audio accessory, AirPods Pro 2, has a small number of issues about sound deviating spatially between the ears or out of sync with each other. Apple, so far, has not commented on the issue:

“Audio skew is a problem with headphones as sound travels between each side of the two earbuds. The sound will travel back and forth between the earbuds and can also get out of sync with videos. In this scenario, the sound will not match the mouth of the person speaking in this video. For For AirPods Pro 2 specifically, affected users say they are experiencing a combination of audio drift and shifting, as well as randomly increasing or decreasing volume levels.”



There’s an interesting discussion with Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of Automattic, talking about the difficulty of running Tumblr in the current environment and how the two US app stores – Google Play and the Apple App Store – act as unofficial arbiters of what’s publicly acceptable. public:

“There are two stories here, really. One is the broader story of the Guardians. Apple’s anti-porn stance isn’t about child abuse images: you can’t simply post pornography in the App Store at all. But the App Store isn’t just a store, it’s also the only way to install software On the world’s most popular smartphone, the company’s decisions about which companies it wants to support have a way of distorting the entire culture.”


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