Do you have sex? Here’s what the experts say

Your heart is racing, you’re breathing hard, your quads are burning, and you can’t deny the familiar rush of endorphins. A steamy session between the sheets or a killer sweat session at the gym? Let’s be real, how many times have you worked for it big “O” He has an idea, “This should burn at least 100 calories!” Did it cross your mind? If you’re wondering if you can kill two birds with one stone (sex is a thing, right?), you’re not alone. A recent survey from the sexual wellness brand love honey revealed that Up to 71% of Americans They classify the weird stuff in their bedroom as exercise, and one in 10 goes so far as to keep track of how many calories they burn.

So could a big “O” replace our gym membership? I’ve leveraged the expertise of sexual educators and coaches to get the inside information. Before that, the advantages of getting horizontal, whether or not sex counts as exercise, and the best positions to get the most bang (see what I did there?)

What are the health benefits of having sex?

As if you need more reasons to join the bedroom, sex is the overall winner for your well-being. Pippa Murphy, Sex and Relationship Expert at condomsAll revealed:healthy sex life They are an essential component of a happy and healthy life.” “Sex releases endorphins, which are hormones that help us relax and unwind. It also burns calories and improves circulation, which helps prevent heart disease.”

But it doesn’t stop there. There is nothing wrong with increasing heart rate and blood pressure during sexual activity. It turns out that it works for us in more ways than one. “Sex requires more oxygen than other forms of exercise, which means you breathe harder for longer,” Murphy said. “And because your heart rate increases during sex, it’s good for your cardiovascular system—it keeps your heart strong and improves blood flow throughout your body.” And yes, that includes solo sex. Still not convinced? Can have sex too Reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity, and help you get better Zzzs. Samantha Jones was working on something…

Is sex considered exercise?

If you had the choice between running on the treadmill and running, I’d guess you’d choose the latter (same). Well, I have good and bad news for you: Study 2013 I found that getting sexy expends fewer calories than jogging, but more Walking. In other words, you likely do light to moderate exercise. Is it a complete exercise? After an expert poll, the answer is basically yes and no.

Dr. Catherine Dukes, sex therapist and educator at Call Center & Desire LLC. “If you are looking to build muscle or improve cardiovascular capacity, sex is not enough to replace exercise. But if you are looking to make sure you are physically active every day and take care of your body in ways that keep you active and connected, reduce the overall stress in your life and help you stop and be alert. So yes, sex can certainly be the best exercise.” certified sex educator, Sienna Miller, I agreed that it’s not enough to replace your time at the gym. “You might get hot and sweaty, but sex doesn’t replace vigorous exercise,” she said. “This is still good for you. Just… not as a complete training.”

Bottom line: sex shouldn’t be the primary form of exercise, but if you’re looking for an excuse to do so have more sex, by all means. After all, “workout” doesn’t necessarily mean a 60-minute class or a sweat session at the gym. Our bodies are just meant to live less sedentary. If you mix it with regular walking, working out your muscles, and stretching, sex can definitely be a beneficial part of an active lifestyle; It just shouldn’t be yours Just form of activity.

What sexual positions are similar to exercise?

Let’s be clear: The most important reason to have sex is for your pleasure. a period. But the fact that sex can make you feel good And the Giving you health benefits should give you more reasons to get into the bedroom. So let’s get to know the physical: what sexual positions Found to be the most physically demanding? according to love honeyDoggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl, or Standing are some of the positions that can make you feel happier while enhancing your fitness benefits.

To try these fun stimulating, health-promoting positions at home, a certified sex educator Javai Free-Nekrasova (MED) He recommends some prep work to maximize the benefits (and fun), such as extending the wrists for Doggy Style or adding leg exercises to your regimen to increase strength and stamina for the Reverse Cowgirl. To try standing, add a pillow to rest against the wall or use a table or chair for support. “For a more physical challenge, try a standing position where someone wraps their legs around the person standing,” Miller suggested. “It might cause some laughter, but it will also add some physical labor to the session.”

PSA: Tapping your period can help you have better sex

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