Doc Rivers says the Sixers want to add another man to the spin after beating the Pacers

Shake Milton has witnessed nearly every imaginable side of the NBA indoor competition spectrum.

Even under coach Doc Rivers, he experienced major ups and downs. After starting the last game in Brett Brown’s tenure, Milton started the 2020-21 season as the Sixers’ sixth player, playing just 38 seconds in the opening game of the team’s playoff series against the Hawks, and He scored 14 decisive points in the second half in the next game. Having had nothing but lost time in Game 2 against the Heat last post-season, Milton racked up 15 points after the break in Game 6.

He has developed his own philosophy about dealing with situations when his role is not fixed.

“You can look at it two ways,” Milton told NBC Sports Philadelphia the following Monday night. The Sixers beat the Pacers 120-106. “Some guys might look at it like it’s your time, and put on a lot of weight. If you go out there and make mistakes, you have a short streak. Or some guys look at it as an opportunity. You go in there, achieve something, and then it grows and expands from there.”

“I think you should go out to swing. So whenever I get the chance, I will try to make the most of it.”

Once again, it looks like Milton will have a chance to grab more than just a good time with his teammates on the bench. Rivers expanded the Sixers’ turnover in the first-team win, giving Milton his first act of the season early in the second quarter. With Joel Embiid in trouble, Paul Reed also played in both halves.

Rivers emphasized that Milton’s minutes weren’t risky.

“Yes, we want to add one more person to the spin,” Rivers said. “Tonight, she was shaken.”

For now, Rivers seems to think Milton has a slight advantage.

He said, “I don’t know yet.” “I don’t really do that. Between Matisse (Thybulle) and Shake, (Furkan Korkmaz)… We’ll just feel it. We really are. Through camp and things, Shake is probably the guy waiting for us, because I thought he played the best.” But that doesn’t mean (for) games that work the same way.”

The Sixers thought a lot about relying less on one-dimensional players after they were eliminated by Miami. While Milton doesn’t have an outstanding skill like George Niang’s shot or DeAnthony Melton’s chaotic defence, perhaps he could complement the Sixers’ bench by being solid on both ends of the field.

“I just want him to rock,” Rivers said on October 16. “Do everything. We use him as a utility player. Score, run the team. We want him to be a better defensive player, which he can be. He did a great job in camp where he caught the ball in The whole pitch and his heart. That’s something he can do and we want him to do.”

As much as the Sixers were with more stable roles, everyone was involved in the improved second unit performance that helped slip over three games to start the season.

Montrezl gave Harrell a particularly enthusiastic fan tons of time to shout, “Let’s go, Therese!” Late in the first quarter by pulling six free throws in less than a minute. Milton and Niang combined for 24 points and five long strokes. Made by Danuel House Jr. Three corner pointers seven seconds after checking in and giving the Sixers a good 20 minutes.

“George just knows how to play,” Rivers said. “He and D-House, as much as they play James (Harden) in particular…They’re really good at playing with James. They know how to get away with shots. D-House makes these flop picks. And that helps. Then the fact that they’re both They can shoot.”

Speaking of shooting, Embiid wants everyone around him to do it. The Sixers’ 43 three-point attempts tied their highest level last season. Tobias Harris 10 was his most since January 22, 2020.

“Yes, he should shoot more—mainly him and Teresa (Maxi),” said Embiid. Mainly Therese; I think Teress should take 10 games. … will be wide open. Every night, I triple each possession. James makes wide aperture shots. They’re all PJ (Tucker), guys coming off the bench.

“I don’t think we’re taking enough triples, we just need to let it fly. Tonight we shot 43, which is better. That’s how you’re going to keep running and that’s how you’re going to get the teams away. And if the teams are going to guard either me or James that way.” You can’t think about it, you can’t amplify the fake. You have to let it fly.”

To his credit, Harris has thus far been allied with Embiid in both word and deed.

At a media day last month, 30-year-old Harris spoke of aiming for higher volume, faster release, and “not worrying about results.” He seems committed to that.

“There are a lot of adjustments that I make,” Harris said. “Rhythm is just getting ready to pick up and shoot. In those positions, when I have space, I let it fly — it rises higher. And if I feel like someone is throwing me off the line, get in the paint and play right from there. Endless amounts of shots in Unlimited Its season to take those looks and create them.”

Of course, it doesn’t look like Milton will have a chance to take three in a game anytime soon.

If there is much in common between his situation and that of Harris, there is no point in worrying about the results.

“I’m not really sure[of where I stand in the spin]other than coming in every day, doing the work, staying locked into the game plan, figuring out my offensive and defensive tasks, and just being ready,” Milton said. . “This controls what I can control.”

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