DockCase External USB-C SSD Enclosure Now 2.5 Inch

DockCase, best known for its built-in MacBook hubs and cases, is back with a new external USB-C enclosure for SSDs. They previously launched a container for M.2 . enginesbut the latter two casings are made for larger 2.5-inch drives to accommodate SSDs or even traditional mechanical hard drives.

As always, I want to start with the usual Kickstarter warning. DockCase products have you covered a little times Before, and they are a well-established company with a history of introducing their products, but they are still launching the product on Kickstarter. As such, shipping will take much longer than purchasing one of their existing products on amazon.

Yet far – the same product!

The new 2.5-inch hood is in line with other “smart” accessories that have been launched before. Instead of just being a container that you toss a drive into and forget about, the 2.5-inch DockCase offers a small screen and capacitive buttons to let you get more information about your drive.

smart enclosure

DockCase SSD Enclosures

Smart Trend has arrived for the first time together their interlocutor, allowing you to see which devices are connected to which ports. With an SSD enclosure, it allows you to view drive partitions, temperature, exact input voltage, power loss protection status, and SMART status of your drive. This includes the drive’s operating hours, power cycles, estimated remaining life, the number of unsafe shutdowns, and the amount of data written/read from the device. This SMART information is often lost when drives are used in external enclosures, and can be a good indicator of the age of your drives to help you prevent data loss.

I found this app to be better than the one in their M.2 enclosure, as instead of trying to navigate through information with one small button, the three capacitive buttons on the front make it easy to navigate through the screens.


Since this is an enclosure for 2.5″ SATA drives, the enclosure will not be able to deliver the highest possible speeds than some USB-C SSDs built specifically for this task. It’s just as fast as that SATA interface – but it can still deliver over 500MB/s with the right drive.

Inside the DockCase 2.5

If your main goal is to get the highest possible performance in an external drive, you are better off using a Thunderbolt enclosure and an NVMe drive. But if you have a 2.5″ drive that you no longer use, picking up an enclosure is a great way to get more life out of it. There’s the main USB-C connection, which is all you need for SSDs, and there’s another USB-C port that can be used to provide additional power to power-hungry hard drives.

One of the big features of the container is the protection against power loss. exactly like M.2 . containerIt contains a capacitor to help provide a little power to the drive for a few seconds after it is unplugged. This is intended to allow the drive to erase any data in its cache and successfully write it to the volume to prevent data loss or corruption.

DockCase 2.5 Smart Enclosure

There are two versions of the 2.5″ smart case – the standard smart case and the ‘Professional’ version. The standard case can hold drives up to 9.5mm thick, while the Professional version can fit drives up to 15mm thick.

Both have the same metal and glass design that we’ve seen from previous DockCase products. There are also optional silicone cases for the container to provide a bit of drop protection.

With a discount starting on Kickstarter at around $70, it’s a bit tricky. If all you need is an external casing for your drive, you can opt for alternatives like Sabrent or SSK For less than $20. If DockCase’s SMART features and quality build appeal to you, there’s less than a week left On Kickstarter To support the product – which almost reached its goal tenfold.

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