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Specialization: Dermatology

Webcast: Prevention of chronic proliferative otitis media and no surgery!

date/time: September 29 AM 7:00 PM EST

sponsor: Nextmune

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specialty: Internal Medicine

Webcast: Urine culture shock! Updates on the diagnosis and treatment of UTIs in dogs and cats

We will be taking a UTI-focused approach to gain a better appreciation of the bacteria that cause UTIs and the medications that can kill them! A review of the results of a study entitled “Comparison of the chromogenic urine culture plate (UTid+) system and conventional urine culture of dog and cat specimens” will also be included.
Professors: Stephen Cole VMD, MS, DACVM

sponsor: Vitrimax

specialty: Internal Medicine

Webcast: Phosphate binders: Al-Tayyib, Al-Marbout, and Al-Qabeeh

This presentation will focus on the history of phosphate-binding drug development, dating back to the late 1960s, with an overview of each class of manufactured phosphate-binding products, in relation to the tailored adherence to their efficacy in controlling hyperphosphatemia, and their ability to match the clinical designation for regulating hyperphosphatemia. Secondary parathyroid activity.

Professors: Jerry A. Thornhill, DVM, DACVIM

sponsor: Nutramax

specialty: general practice

Webcast: Pet Insurance Expose

Recommending pet insurance to your clients can be overwhelming for you and your client. Learn about the different types of pet insurance providers, types of policies and benefits for pet owners, and the veterinary practice, including the resources you need to make the best recommendation for your clients.

Professors: Matthew McGlason DVM, CVPM

sponsor: nationally

specialty: Internal Medicine

Webcast: Non-antibiotic treatment for diarrhea

Antibiotics are no longer commonly used to treat acute and chronic diarrhea due to their adverse effects on the gut microbiome and the risk of spreading antimicrobial resistance. We will focus on the causes of acute/chronic diarrhea and the use of diet, probiotics/synbiotics, and immunosuppressive therapy (with bowel biopsy), as well as other novel treatment options in the management of these patients.

Professors: Karin Allenspach, DVM, FVH, PhD, Dipl. ECVIM-CA, FHEA, AGAF

Professor of Internal Medicine and Transformational Health, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine

sponsor: phytoquinol


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Ryan E. Englar, DVM and DABVP join this segment of dvm360 Live! ™ To explain how empathy and “unconditional positive appreciation” can help clinicians better serve patients when they cannot afford the gold standard of care for their pets. She shares her personal experiences with Adam Christman, DVM, MBA and discusses the concept of the “care spectrum”.

New soother for dogs, endangered antelope and more

See the latest news and headlines brought to you by Adam Christman, DVM, MBA.


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  • 9/9/2022: Guests include Patricia White dermatology

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