Double Visuals: Games like “Contempt” that used Giger and Beksiński for inspiration

With Ebb Software’s mockery available now On PC and Xbox — just in time for Halloween season upon us — it’s a perfect time to chat about the game’s art style.

One of the highlights of the title is that mix of biomechanics and dystopian surrealism. The same blend that the legendary artists HR Giger or Zdzisław Beksiński specialized in with their own art.

Giger and Beksiński’s influence is profound, especially in games. with arrival mockeryIt’s a great reminder of how to transcend their art and enhance the feel of gameplay, even when some of these titles are outdated.

Let’s call back the hour before delivery mockery

dark seeds

Well, this is a no-brainer. We’ve talked about Cyberdreams’ psychological horror game (and its sequel) on various lists over the years. But really, you can’t help but keep coming back to it. What other game has had access to nearly all of Giger’s artwork during development to create the visuals of a parallel universe that protagonist Mike Dawson discovered after he launched an alien fetus into his head? Yes, you read correctly. And yes, the results are typical of Giger: annoying and beautiful at the same time.


If there is a series of games that embody Giger’s most popular works alienYou didn’t have to search very far with Contra series. Certainly, later games in the series moved away from the biomechanical mutants found in the original three, and games didn’t fully dedicate themselves to this concept until the later levels. But it’s starkly clear where Konami got their ideas from. And we are all happier with that.


The latest game on the list is one of the examples of developers who have used Beksiński’s work to craft their nightmarish world. In fact, Quotes Beksiński He said he wanted to paint as if he was “illustrating dreams.” And a look at what he conjured up with his fascination with fantasy, death and decay, it’s easy to see why the Bloober team chose to use Beksiński in the fractured and hostile spirit world that Marianne travels to in the game.

Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge took an idea metroid And adding some Giger-inspired pixel art to it, providing a fantastical visual experience that wasn’t quite as disturbing as you’d expect, but nonetheless beautiful from another world and a stranger. It’s almost shocking that among the drastic changes in Part Two, developer Thomas Happ left out the first game modes for a more “normal” visual appearance of the space world. But when you think about it, this makes your first game experience unforgettable.

Alien crush

while its sequel crush the devil It is seen as the superior game, with pictures Alien crush It has a Giger effect all over. Right from the title screen, you can see the familiar biomechanical look in the title font. By jumping into the game, the table fills up with more alien the reviewer. It is in the same vein as Contra Where things are modified enough to take on their own, but it is clear where the artists drew their inspiration.

Tormentum – dark sadness

mockery It’s not the only game that combines the style of both Giger and Beksiński into one, as 2015 OhNoo Studio effort proves. The developers explicitly mentioned dark seeds for reference. Tormentum’s visuals take Beksiński’s dream-like and nightmarish visuals to heart, with enough Giger intertwined to make them stand out even more. Best of all, the sequel scheduled for release this year features more dark fantasy art.

dark lust

Admittedly, the 2017 Movie Games Lunarium title features more Lovecraftian visuals and overtones, not to mention a heavy emphasis on sexuality. But there’s enough Giger and Beksiński in the gruesome pictures to make it the best of all three worlds. If you prefer not to have a lot of debauchery in your game, you can always go for m edition on Steamwhich focuses more on horror and less on funny napkins.

Eye: Divine Cybermancy

Based on an unreleased tabletop special RPG, eyeBeksiński’s visuals evoke the dystopian fantasy tendencies of his art, blending them with cyberpunk aesthetics. While the game itself is a mixed bag (due in part to the shady translation from French), the “The former god Gothic meets ‘glazed’ will surely appeal to some.

Scorn is now available on Xbox Series and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG, as well as via Xbox Game Pass. Pick up a copy today over here.

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