Dylan Strom’s extra goal was apparently very beautiful, and the training penalty kicks off after the match

Dylan Strom The overtime winning goal ended not only the Capitals-Blue Jackets game but also the Caps’ entire pre-season side-by-side. Except – technically it wasn’t supposed to be the case.

After each pre-season game, the Capitals held three penalty shootout training sessions with the opposing team and was scheduled to do so against Columbus. It gives an opportunity for players and goalkeepers to practice skill competition before the season.

Not tonight.

Strom scored the goal after his most impressive game to date as a capital. After recovering the disc from a losing encounter, Strom and new teammate Conor Brown flew off the off-season acquisition on the ice in a two-legged match. Brown flipped an incredible bowl pass to Ström and buried it in the net, ending the extra time with just 39 seconds.

“We were talking right before the match, if we get the chance we’ll go some way,” Strom stated in a post-match interview. “I didn’t play a real turnaround – not a lot of extra time last year so happy to have a chance to be there.” (Strom only played 5:39 from 3-on-3 last season with the Blackhawks at Natural Stat Trick.)

After Strom’s taping, NBC Sports Washington’s Craig Laughlin noticed that several Blue Jackets fell into the tunnel.

“Some coaches are heading to the locker room,” Laughlin said. “I don’t think they realize there’s going to be a shootout here! They’re already on the runway [while] Celebrating hats. I think we have a penalty shootout. The referees say there are penalties.”

After Locker analyzed the goal, the NBCSWSH cameras pointed to the Capitals players waiting on the bench for a decision of some sort. Seconds later, the capitals players and the remaining players came out of the ice.

“I think we’re just doing overtime, no shootout tonight,” Laughlin said with a laugh.

“The captains, Jenner and Ovechkin, were like, ‘We don’t really want to do that,'” Bennati said. “And I think the coaches said, ‘No, let’s blow it up too.'”

“I was ready for it,” Laughlin said with a laugh.

“I was excited about it,” Joe Bennati replied.

“I enjoyed all your stats,” Laughlin said.

Beninati summed up that the goal was the perfect way to end pre-season, which is hard to disagree with.

Strom’s strong performance against the Blue Jackets included an almost perfect night on the front line, winning all 10 draws he earned in regulation.

“He was excellent in the game,” said Capitals coach Peter Laviolet. “Tonight I think the only person he lost was overtime. He was very strong. His game was really good.”

Strom was not guaranteed a second-line position when he began training camp for the Capitals, holed up in a fight with Conor McMichael. But in the end, he seems to have won the position altogether. Ström led the Capitals in pre-season goals with three, scored 56.6 of five on five shot attempts, and won 25 of 36 total encounters (69.4 percent).

Strom is looking to prove himself this year after a challenging season in Chicago that saw him miss a qualifying bid by Blackhawks over the summer. Strom He was a healthy scratch 13 times last seasonincluding a stretch where he sat in seven of 11 games at the start of the year.

“Sometimes you turn the page on where you were last year and this year is a new year,” Laviolette said. “You have a chance to make the most of it and it looks like he’s trying to do that.”

Screenshot: NBCSWSH

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