Eagles go 6-0 and grab a big win at NFC East as they fend off the Cowboys’ comeback

give Cowboys in Dallas credit. They could have packed it up during the first half of a Sunday night.

They looked like they were toast when Philadelphia Eagles He took 20-0 lead. Cooper Rush Played like a backup. The Cowboys as a whole looked extremists on either side of the ball.

Then things changed after the first half. Dallas reduced Philadelphia’s lead to 20-17 in the fourth quarter. It seemed like an epic return was possible. Then the Eagles got the long ride they needed to banish the match.

The Cowboys wanted a real victory, not a confidence boost. They’ll have to settle the latter after The Eagles won 26-17. The Eagles are the only team unbeaten in the NFL 6-0. Dallas 4-2 after the loss.

Cowboys should be satisfied with how they scratched their way back into the game. Dallas knows he’ll see Philadelphia again. By that time, the Cowboys will have a quarterback Duck Prescott Back from a thumb injury.

Philadelphia may not have been afraid of the rematch or any other team right now.

Philadelphia Eagles & # 39;  Brown scores a goal against the Cowboys.  (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Philadelphia Eagles’ AJ Brown scores against the Cowboys. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Cowboys are back in the game

The Eagles were stable to start the second half and allowed the Cowboys to get back into the game. Ezekiel Elliot He had a nice recoil at 14 yards. When Rush hit Jake Ferguson for a 7-yard drop, the Eagles’ lead dropped to 20-17 early in the fourth quarter.

While we give Dallas credit for his return to the game, the Eagles also deserve credit for what happened next. The Eagles, who face one of the NFL’s best defenses, walked down 13 plays, a 75-yard drive. Galen Hurts He hits Defonta Smith On a short touchdown with just over seven minutes remaining, it pushed Philadelphia back to 26-17. The two-point conversion attempt was unsuccessful but it looks like that reins will be enough to win. Rush threw an interception on the next possession which ended the comeback attempt.

Driving was Philadelphia at its best, which it showed in a great first half.

Philadelphia did everything right in the first half. Its efficiency was amazing. Eagles can run well. AJ Brown added an interesting and significant element to the pass offense. Miles Sanders I got scoring with a 5 yard touchdown run. Brown scored for 15 yards and ran third and third to make it 14-0.

Dallas’ defense has been excellent all season, but Philadelphia had no problems breaking through before the break. The Eagles line controls the match, especially the right tackle Lynn Johnson Take over Cowboys quarterback and NFL Defensive Player of the Year Micah Parsons Out of the match in the first half, Johnson left the match with a concussion.

Johnson’s injury was one of the reasons the match turned around. Parsons began to become a worker. The cowboy attack intensified.

It’s the rare game where both teams feel satisfied afterwards. The Cowboys fought back and made it a competitive contest when it looked like they were going to explode. They should be satisfied with their rematch on December 24 if Prescott is healthy. They competed hard with Rush, won a few matches and should feel like they can reach a new level once Prescott returns.

But most importantly, the Eagles took the win and showed the NFL why they won 6-0.

The Eagles move to 6-0

No one will remember the Eagles nearly setting off bullets on Sunday night. All that matters is that they’re 6-0, two games against the Cowboys. The New York Giants Looming in the NFC East at 5-1, we’ll see if their hot start holds up all season. The Giants don’t play the Eagles until December.

Dallas should be satisfied with where he is after six games. When they were 0-1 with Prescott heading into thumb surgery, it looked like they might be irrelevant by the time the quarterback came back. But they won four times in a row and performed reasonably well in Philadelphia.

Without Prescott, the Eagles are on a different level than the Cowboys. Philadelphia is on a different level than all but a few NFL teams this season. The Eagles are the last unbeaten team in the league and they have achieved it. It was a great start to the season. How will Cowboys match Prescott? Hope we get a chance to see in a couple of months.

A rematch in late December will be interesting, especially if the Cowboys stay in the NFC East until then.

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