Eagles News: Darius Sly Says Nick Siriani Has “Big, Big, Big Nuts”

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NFL Week 6: One up, one down for all 32 teams – PFF
One Up: C.B. Darius Slay. It was not a good idea for Cooper Rush to target Cowboys quarterback Sly in Sunday night’s Eagles win. Slay picked up a coverage score of 89.4 and didn’t allow two goals to be grabbed on his own while intercepting one pass and breaking up another. One Down: RT Jack Driscoll. After Len Johnson left Sunday’s win over the Cowboys with a concussion, Driscoll scored a 38.6 anti-pass and allowed a quick sprint on a tough job against Mika Parsons’ Mika Parsons.

NFL Power Ranking: Week 7 Edition – BGN
2 – Philadelphia Eagles (LW:2) – By defeating Dallas, the Eagles confirmed that they are the best in the NFC. Jalen Hurts and offense led a major campaign right after Birds’ 20-0 lead was reduced to three points. Philly’s defense also came up big on the night with three quick bites. The Eagles have advanced by at least 14 points every week this season. And they haven’t even played a full game yet.

Takeaway from the Eagles beating the Cowboys – BGN Radio
The Eagles 6-0! Brandon Lee Guton and Jimmy Kempsky go through what they learned from Philly’s win over Dallas.

The Day After – Eagles Overwhelm Boys – Eagles Blitz
The Eagles lead the league in fast food. They added DBs James Bradberry and CJ Gardner-Johnson in the offseason. They have gathered for 5 wits. All the main players have at least one choice. Then you think of Haason Reddick and his ribbon bags. Eagles can flip you forward or down the field. Jonathan Gannon and Siriani have been preaching about how much they value the sales movement. Howie Roseman got them players who can make it happen. The defense is difficult to face and they made jeep passers-by struggle to find open receivers. As we saw last night, there is still work to be done when covering TEs and playing passes. However, this high school has been great and the defense does a great job getting the ball out of the way. They charged at least one turn per game.

First reading, week seven: AFC contenders and contestants sorted out; The Giants’ Secret Weapon – NFL.com
Chauncey Gardner Johnson. You can actually take anyone from Eagles High these days, with cornerbacks Darius Sly and James Bradbury playing at a high level as well. Gardner-Johnson got love this week for his two interceptions in Sunday night’s win over Dallas. It fits perfectly in a defensive backcourt known for boisterous ball, and brings the same bragging that defined his New Orleans game. The Eagles create so much pressure – and cause so many problems – that it’s not hard to imagine Gardner Johnson going to enjoy bigger days in the future.

Spadaro: The Eagles are hungry, humble and eager to get back to work – PE.com
The post-match celebration was long over and the players were spending so much time peeling off the layers of their uniforms, jumping into the cool bathtub, taking a shower, and changing into their clothes when the focus shifted from the exhilaration of batting to Cowboys in Dallas for the big picture. At 6-0, the Eagles have everything going their way, right? Well, yes, they are the only flawless team in the NFL, but every player and coach knows that there are areas for improvement that are needed. “No player here is satisfied with what we’ve done,” said quarterback Jason Kelsey. “It’s great that it is 6-0 and where we are. We worked hard to win these matches and each was a little different, so finding ways to win these matches was important for this football team. But there are a lot of areas where we need to be better. I don’t think we played a full match. I think we haven’t played our best game yet and it’s exciting to know it’s still there.” This is a common theme in the dressing room. There is a search for perfection every time for the Eagles, and no matter how elusive that may be, it keeps the Eagles moving forward. It’s a mindset that permeates the locker room. The Eagles are clearly happy to be 6-0 and with that comes a level of confidence, but they want more.

Week 6 DVOA Preview: Free Fall Players, Patriots Crack Top 10 – Football Strangers
2. Philadelphia Eagles. The last time the Eagles started the 6-0 season was in 2004, when they reached Energy With Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens. The Eagles also started 6-0 in 1981, a year after they lost to the Raiders in Super Bowl XL. Dick Vermeil-Ron Jaworski’s team collapsed to the record 11-5 on their stretch and lost in the wild cards round. Cocaine was heavily involved. No other team in franchise history has started the season 6-0.

Verdict over NFL Week 6’s overreactions: Players at playoff risk? – ESPN +
The Giants (not the Cowboys) are the biggest threat to the Eagles in the NFC East. The Cowboys went to Philadelphia on Sunday night and quickly fell behind the Eagles 20-0. They recovered and cut the difference to 20-17, but ended up losing 26-17. As a result, they now sit in third place in the division, two games behind the Eagles and one behind the stunning second-place giants. Sunday was a chance for the Cowboys to show themselves as a true contender in an NFC playoff, but an uncharacteristically poor first half of their vaunted defense, plus three offensive turns, helped the Eagles improve to 6-0 and maintain control of the division race. Verdict: Overtaking. Yeah, sorry, cowboy haters, but Dallas is alive. The Eagles are the best team in the NFC at the moment, but the Cowboys are on the cusp of recovering quarterback Dak Prescott from injury after going 4-1 without him to stay in the race. The Giants is a great story early in the season, and Brian Dabol is now the unruly leader in the Coach of the Year race. But Dallas has a better roster and, again, has been playing for over a month without the quarterback. Coming back to cut the lead down to three and make the Eagles race on Sunday shows that this is a Cowboys team with a lot of fighting. Prescott’s impending return will only make them better, and they should be able to build on the success they’ve had in his absence. The Cowboys remain a major threat to the Eagles in the divisional race and a strong contender in the NFC.

NFL Week 6 Winners and Losers – The Ringer
The Loser: The Age of Cooper Rush. On Sunday Night Football, Mike Terrico and Chris Collinsworth told a sweet story about Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush: His wife wanted to attend the Cowboys-Eagles game in Philadelphia, and Rush apparently protested, saying that his wife said something like, “You’re a QB starter.” For the Cowboys, of course I’ll bring the game,” and he said something like, “Oh, it’s no big deal, and plane tickets are expensive.” The gist, the SNF crew said, is that the Rushes aren’t quite accustomed to the big life of the NFL team that started the quarterback — but I think They may have missed the actual story. Maybe Cooper Rush didn’t want his wife to see him lose his job!

Dallas Cowboys on Philadelphia Eagles stock report: Ezekiel Elliott shines, Cooper Rush does not shine – Blogging The Boys
Stock Down: Micah Parsons and Travon Diggs. a look. These are two of the best players on this team. We all know and understand that. Micah Parsons and Travon Diggs are usually the main reasons why the Cowboys perform so well. They have earned their props, respect, and flower, and there are usually very few things they do that are remotely worthy of criticism. Both are very young. In their partial defense, Sunday night was their first game in Philadelphia of legitimate importance. But none of this justifies all of the punishments they did. All of them were called out for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, with Diggs speaking in a moment that allowed the Eagles an advantage in attempting a two-point conversion. To be clear here, Parsons’ penalty didn’t stop the Eagles from eventually shooting the ball, and Philly failed on his two-point effort, but those results don’t remove those blatant errors. You cannot put your team in such situations, and as group leaders, you not only have to know better but you have to set an example.

Giants-Ravens ‘Kudos & Wet Willies’: The good times keep rolling for the Giants – Big Blue View
Daniel Jones – Ho-hum. Another week, another campaign in which Jones won the game in the final quarter – his fourth this season. True, this was only 13 yards away. A really impressive drive for Jones was a 12-game fourth-quarter, 75-yard touchdown drive with the Giants trailing, 20-10. He made huge throws for Marcus Johnson and Wan Del Robinson during that drive, throwing an 8-yard scoring pass to end Daniel Bellinger’s tightness.

QB Leaders Discussion: Pros and Cons for Healthy List Players – Hogs Haven
2.) Heinicke is more elusive than his predecessor. He has a great ability to escape, and isn’t afraid to use his legs to get things done when pressed. Because if it’s that ability to improvise, teams may be more willing to reclaim the linebacker as a spy should he take off, leaving a void somewhere under him. in the region. We’ve seen how bad this offensive line is, so having a man on the move might actually be a good thing. 3.) The team members gather around him. That’s right, he seems to have that knack for motivating those around him and injecting a little excitement into the team’s veins. He has a “moxie”.

The Cowboys QB “controversy” lasted for one week. Now it’s time for Dak Prescott – SB Nation
The Dallas quarterback “controversy” lasted for one week. On Sunday night, the prime-time world saw how much the Cowboys miss Dak Prescott, and why it would be foolish to drip the quarterback for wins and losses. It was quite clear from the first drive that Dallas would not be able to hold out for the Eagles. Cooper Rush completed one pass to CeeDee Lamb, missing another before stopping at the 25-yard line. When the Cowboys answered their first touchdown in Philadelphia with an objection from Rush, everything started to fall apart—digging a hole too deep for the team to get out of.

Monday Football Monday 110: Ed Valentine on 5-1 Giants + Week Six NFL Action Summary – SB Nation NFL Show
Ed Valentine from Big Blue View joins Pete Sweeney and RJ Ochoa to share his thoughts on the surprisingly good 5-1 giants. Later in the show, RJ and Pete go through each game and discuss their biggest takeaway. ** This episode was recorded prior to the publication of the Cardinals’ acquisition of WR Robbie Anderson. ***

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