EDGC (Eone Diagnomics Genome Center) Appoints Sam Martin, Vice President of Overseas Business Development… “To Accelerate Foreign Market Entry”

  • Expert from Invitae and Ambry Genetics, American genome analysis companies

  • The EDGC states: “We will expand the overseas genome analysis market and advance into the global liquid biopsy technology market by recruiting global genomic talent.”

  • Worked for a non-profit research organization (ShareGenome) with the CEO of EDGC Lee Min Seop

San DiegoAnd the September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – EDGC (Eone Diagnomics Genome Center), a company specializing in genomic analysis and precision medicine, announced on the 13th of this month that Sam Martin Appointed as Vice President of Overseas Business Development.

Sam Martin, Vice President of Overseas Business Development, EDGC (Eone Diagnomics Genome Center)

Sam Martin, Vice President of Overseas Business Development, EDGC (Eone Diagnomics Genome Center)

by recruiting Sam Martinwhich has significant experience and network in the offshore genomics market, EDGC will enter widely into overseas markets and solidify its position as a global vital company.

Sam Martin He is a US Board Certified Genetic Counselor and holds multiple Master’s degrees in Human Genetics / Genetic Counseling, Software Engineer and Design from United State. Most recently he worked at Invitae and Ambry genetics, two of the largest US genetics companies specializing in personalized genetic medicine. He also has clinical experience as a genetic counselor, having worked for eight years at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City.

Sam Martin He joined EDGC because of his relationship with the CEO Lee Min Seop. Sam Martin Born in Korea in 1978 and adopted by an American couple. Because of this, he worked with Lee Min Seop At ShareGenome, a non-profit research organization, to find families of Korean adopters through individual genetic analysis.

Sam Martin He said, “I am proud to have a vibrant company with excellent genomic technology and highly competitive global business as EDGC in Korea, and am humbled to return to the country where I was born and work for one of the pioneers in the field of genomic medicine.” He also said, “Based on the excellent technology of EDGC, which is recognized in the global market, I will expand the scope of the overseas business and will focus all my competencies on the success of K-Bio.”

EDGC is a public genomics company listed on KOSDAQ in 2018. The company is receiving significant interest in the global market for its liquid biopsy, an essential technology for prenatal and cancer diagnosis. ‘ONCOCATCH’ for early cancer screening and accurate diagnosis, EDGC representative liquid biopsy technology, is an innovative third generation technology. It’s also getting a lot of attention in both academia and industry, with GenomeWeb recently evaluating that it will open a new chapter for early cancer diagnosis, and the feasibility of the technology and business has been officially recognized.

University of Minnesota, MinneapolisMinnesota – Bachelor of Genetic Sciences and Cell Development, Minor Psychology
Sarah Lawrence CollegeAnd the Bronxville, New York MSc Human Genetics, Genetic Counseling
Pace UniversityAnd the New York, New York Software and design engineer
Genetic Consultant, Beth Israel Medical Center – 2006-2014
Business Development Manager, Signifikance, Inc – 2014-2015
Genetic Specialist (MSL), Ambry Genetics – 2015-2017
Clinical Science Coordinator (MSL), Invitae – 2017-2019
regional account manager, AsiaInvitae – 2019-2022



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