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The Houston Astros They will be looking to take the lead 2-1 at the World Championships at Brotherly Love City on Monday night as they head out on the road to take on the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.

The split arises at Minute Maid Park to start the now Fall Classic for what could be three drama-filled nights in Philadelphia. After falling into the 5-0 hole in the early innings, Velez came Back in the game 1 To take the opening in the tenth inning. Astros take care of business One night after that with their backs on the wall. With both teams in deep formations and a dazzling bull, fans could be in for a long streak.

So which team has the advantage on Monday night? Let’s dive deeper into the match with three things we should know beforehand in Game 3.

start things

The top of the Houston standings struggled hard in Game 1, with a triple Jose AltoveAnd the Jeremy Peña And the Jordan Alvarez Combine for only 2-strokes across 14 rackets. And while Kyle Tucker delivered plenty of early attacks with a pair of home runs, problems at the top of the lineup cost the Astros of late. Houston didn’t score over the last seven innings, and the Astros, who was not named, Tucker, only scored two additional base hits in the evening. The 5-0 lead was later erased as Houston lost the first game 6-5.

Saturday night was a comeback for Houston’s top hitters. Altuve broke out of its post-season slump With three hits, Peña and Alvarez each added RBI. The Astros hit a triple of doubles to start the competition and they never looked back, with the first three-stroke turn serving as enough running support to get the bowler started. Framber Valdez. This formula is not complicated, but it is a winning formula. If the Astros can get traffic to the bases early on, flipping their lineup gets even scarier.

bull fight

Houston Bulls It was one of the hidden stories in the postseason. The Astros closed opposing squads late in the games in nine post-season competitions, with Houston layoffs from 0.89 ERA through 40 2/3 innings. boss Dusty Baker He has a number of weapons at his disposal before the nearest Ryan Presley, with Rafael Monteiro and Brian Abreu in particular getting a large share of the roles. It’s not hard to see why. Monteiro only allowed one entry on eight frames after the season, while Abreu continues to climb as one of the best young players in the game. The 25-year-old right-handed commentator scored 1.94 ERA in 2022. He hit 88 hitters in 60 1/3 of the regular season innings. He’s been even better in post-season, riding a nasty slide to 8 2/3 innings without points.

Despite Houston’s back-end brilliance, the Astros haven’t had a definite advantage over the Philadelphia staff yet with two games. The Phillies have received 8 1/3 suspension innings so far in the 2022 World Championships, and manager Rob Thomson has earned praise for his aggressive deployment of reducers in the first game. Legitimate high-end weapons in Jose Alvarado and Ceranthon Dominguez. The duo will need to show up in a major way for Philadelphia to win the World Championship.

Domestic worker?

No disrespect for the raucous fans in Minute Maid Park, but Monday night will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase Hostile environment. The Philadelphia crowd is known to be loud, and there will be plenty of excitement for the franchise’s first world championship game as well as 2009. The Astros’ attack will also have to battle the elements. Expect a cool, humid Philadelphia night, a far cry from the friendly and warm inner limits of Houston.

One way to calm the crowd at home? Get on the board early. The Houston squad might have a good chance to score in the first frames on Monday as they face off Noah Sendergaard. The former Mets ace has averaged a 4.12 ERA this season, and made a 5.1 career low hitter for all nine innings when he joined Philadelphia in August.

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