Five potential college graduates who might interest the Eagles in the 2023 NFL Draft

During the college football season each year, as long as you watch the games, we point out five players each week to keep an eye on the Eagles logical people for the following year’s draft.

Bryce Young, QB, Alabama (6’0, 194): Alabama in Texas, 12:00 p.m.

Let’s go ahead and post the same disclaimer as last week, when we reviewed Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud:

Jalen Hurts has every chance of success as a quarterback for the Eagles in 2022, and I think he will. Hurts will likely return as the starting team in 2023. But let’s be realistic. The Eagles will pay close attention to the 2023 quarterback class and if they think they can advance to the most important position in the sport, have the ammunition and the opportunity to do so, they will.

there. Covered.

Young won the Heisman after throwing 47 TDs for 7 INTs in 2021. He’s small, listed (generously, perhaps) at 6’0, although NFL teams have been less fearful of that in recent years, such as Baker Mayfield and Kyler Both Murrays were taken first overall, despite their smaller statures. Young’s size is perhaps his only obvious downside.

As a player, Young is clever and instinctive, a very precise passer who sets up his receivers for increased yardage after the hunt. He can pick defenses out of the pocket by taking what’s on in quick throws, or play off the schedule when his protection malfunctions or after he has exhausted his lead. He can beat the blitzkrieg by making a quick decision, and he can throw it with anticipation. He doesn’t oversimplify it, but he just knows what he’s doing. He can also play with his legs, but does not rely on them as a crutch. Highlighting reel fun from elite college quarterbacks play here:

Possible overall #1 choice. Just hope the giants or leaders don’t have a bullet in his face.

DeMarvion Overshown, LB, Texas (6’4, 220): Alabama, Texas, 12:00 p.m.

In 2020, in his first year as a linebacker (converted from safety), Overtaking earned 60 tackles (8 for a loss), 2 IQs, and 7 breakups. In 2021, he had 72 tackles (5.5 for a loss), two bags, and two passes. He is a tall and fast midfielder with some ball skills:

The Eagles haven’t had much luck with the safety-turned-backs on the project (Jacoby Stevens, Nate Jerry, Camus Groger-Hill, Davion Taylor, etc.), but they may have hit a Keizer White player that another team managed to convert.

Will MacDonald IV, Sam, Iowa, (6’3, 236): Iowa State at Iowa, 4:00 p.m.

MacDonald is a highly productive player with 22 sacks and 7 forced falters in the past two seasons. He has speed, twitch and an impressive change of direction. Quick taste:

As you can see from the (unofficial) stats below, one of the possibilities of rushing to pass big clouds in 2022 has been to generate pressure in obvious rush situations.

The problem with MacDonald is that he’s a liability against running, and as a down-to-earth guy, he can’t help but be rushed into the situation at the next level, unless his running defense improves dramatically. However, for the purposes of the Eagles, MacDonald has shown that he can get into coverage.

He may be a candidate for the position of SAM. In this role, he will not often be required to hold onto the attack point at the line of scrimmage against running and can use his sport to attack.

Chris Rodriguez Jr., RB, Kentucky (5’11, 224): Kentucky in Florida, 7:00 p.m.

Rodriguez is a bigger back at 224 pounds and has averaged over 6 yards per carry in each of his Kentucky seasons.

Chris Rodriguez Accelerates yards YPC TD
2018 2 43 21.5 0
2019 71 533 7.5 6
2020 119 785 6.6 11
2021 225 1378 6.1 10
the total 417 2739 6.6 27

The downside is that he’s not much of a threat as a receiver, as he only has 15 career points.

Rodriguez is a north-south one-piece runner who will move piles and gain yards through contact, but probably won’t set eyes 40 times.

The third day man who is a safe bet to be at least a solid backup.

Modernization: He does not play because of NCAA weirdness.

Kew Blue Kelly, CB, Stanford (6’1, 188): University of Southern California at Stanford, 7:30 p.m.

One of my favorite early corners in this draft is Kyu Blu Kelly, a tall and versatile inside-out angler at 6’1 that is both physical on the pickup point and as a striker. 58 ball cuts, 2 IQs, 11 PBU, 1 FF in 2021.

He had a particularly good game last season against 6’4, 210-pound Drake London, who was selected by Atlanta with the eighth overall pick in the 2022 draft.

On This Bloodline by Galko above, Kelly is the son of Brian Kelly, who played in 150 games in 11 NFL seasons, mostly with the Buccaneers. And yes, it was High school track star.

It’s the kind of long physical cornerstone that would make sense as a replacement for James Bradbury, if Bradbury stayed at Philly for just one season.

Previous players

August 27

  1. Oshawon Mathis, Edge, Nebraska
  2. Sydney Brown, S., Illinois
  3. Robert Scott, OT, FSU
  4. Isaiah Land, Sam, Florida A&M
  5. Josh Downes, WR, North Carolina

September 3

  1. Jalen Catalon, S., Arkansas
  2. Kelly Ringo, CB, Florida
  3. CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio
  4. Isaiah Fosky, Edge, Notre Dame
  5. Zach Harrison, DE, Ohio

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