Flyers vs Panthers: ‘Unbelievable’ Carter Hart improves to 5-0-0 by beating Florida

Carter Hart took another win Thursday night as the Flyers tackled the Panthers, 4-3, at Wells Fargo Center.

The 24-year-old made 48 saves to the highest level of his career.

Tony D’Angelo, Scott Lawton, Zach McQueen and Joel Farabi provided the Flyers goals.

John Tortorella’s club rolled with 11 forwards and seven defensemen. The fourth player, Taner Laczynski, was away from the team for family reasons.

“It’s not going to be perfect with the hockey club this year,” Tortorella said, “I’ll tell you that now, because we have a lot to do.” “But since we played those first seven games, we handled situations and you ended up with a bit of success.”

The Flyers are 5-2-0.

“I think we knew from the beginning that in order to be successful, everyone must contribute,” said Ivan Provorov. “Whether it’s blocking the shot, taking the disc out of the box, taking the hit, playing or scoring goals. It must be a team effort for us to achieve success.”

The Panthers (4-3-1) handed the pilots one of their losses.

• Kevin Hayes and Travis Konechny had no problem turning the page Third session on Sunday.

Tortorella said he turned the page when the game was over.

“I probably turned the page at the 15-minute mark when I accepted that I wasn’t going on the ice,” Hayes said Thursday after the team’s optional morning skate.

“It’s over. It won’t have an effect on me tonight.”

Konecny ​​assisted both pilots’ first-half goals. Hayes helped the second mark and then added another mark in the middle frame.

They finished with four points combined.

“I respect all that Torts brings to this hall, and I respect all of his ideas and all of his training,” Hayes said. “Obviously when you’re on the bench, you don’t get along with him. I don’t think I’ll ever agree with a coach who sits with me.

“That was his decision. I immediately turned the page. He did nothing to sway my confidence. I’m not going to sit here and say I agree with him. I don’t think anyone would ever agree to the bench. I know what I can bring to this team and I thought I was doing it.”

To stay on the Ice-time theme, Morgan Frost played just 7:43 minutes and Wade Allison 5:09.

Allison turned in the third period. Frost appeared briefly and committed a penalty.

Tortorella probably does this pretty well.

“I needed to play the laugh line and Kevin’s line a lot tonight in order to compete with this team,” Tortorella said. “I just think some of the other players have been overshadowed by them.

“They struggled a bit there, but that is the only reason… they will have to keep fighting and try to find their icy time.”

• Hart, who entered with a 1.75 goal-to-average rate and 0.949 save percentage, improved to 5-0-0.

He allowed more than two goals in one game for the first time this season.

He faced 18 shots in the first half and saved 28 times in the second half. He ended up seeing 51 rounds.

Brandon Montour trimmed the Flyers advantage to one early in the third period in the Florida game. Hart closed the door the rest of the way.

It’s unbelievable,” Konechny said. “He’s playing hard, he’s playing well. We have to clean up the things in front of him and give him a rest back in there.”

At the start of this season, Hart was the best and most important player in the Flyers to date.

“I think that’s something we haven’t had in the past few years that is identity,” Hart said. “We have become a brave hockey team to play against. I think we have to be successful, and that’s how we have to play – we have to play hard.”

Panthers goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovsky, who entered 19-5-1 in his career against the Flyers, scored all four goals from 22 shots.

• Lawton scored in his first crack in a role playing the net forward force. He’s taking over James van Rimsdijk as the big winger You’re due to miss at least a month with a broken finger.

Laughton’s strong playing mark drew the Flyers to a 2-2 draw in the first period. He was working on some front end strategy with Hayes in the morning skiing.

“He’s everywhere in the lineup, he’s crazy,” Hayes said of Luton’s versatility. “Even during matches, if Torts doesn’t think the games are going well, he changes lines and Lofty is a guy who goes everywhere. It’s fun to see.”

• During the second period, Provorov repelled a single-shot missile. He found a way to come back and defend the subsequent rush.

He was able to take his next bout in Penalty Killing.

tough client.

“He’s always been just a great competitor,” Tortorella said. “I absolutely love his swings. He’s willing to grab a little disc, carry him in traffic, turn a net and try to hit someone on the net, blocking shots. He plays some important minutes for us.”

• The pilots received two reinforcements at Rasmus Restolainen and Owen Tibet.

Restolainen made his debut in his first season after missing his first six matches due to a lower body injury. He was called up for a questionable tackle kick in the second half when he fired a clean kick at Patrick Hornqvist.

Tebet is back after sustaining a head injury in the first period of the season. He sent a pass into Farabi’s second-half goal that eased Flyers’ 4-2 lead.

Farabi also collected an assist in a two-point match.

• DeAngelo seemed to be hurting, climbing the tunnel with just over five minutes remaining in the second period.

He was able to return in the third period. The Flyers can’t take any more injuries.

• Tortorella did not have good news Thursday morning Sean Couturier (back) and Cam Atkinson (upper body).

• The Flyers end in October with a Saturday home game against the Hurricanes (7pm EST/NBCSP).

Kiefer Bellows could see his debut as Flyers. Flyers The 24-year-old claimed to stop the concessions on Thursday afternoon.

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