Harry Styles’ Oscar Chances for My Police Police

Three films in his film career, Harry StilesThe ability as an actor continues to improve with each outing. He started as a young soldier in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (2017), and returned to the silver screen with two films this year. Initially, he is the charming husband of Florence Beau in “Don’t Worry Baby,” with the press tour continuing to give. In the second, he portrays a closed-off gay police officer in Michael Grande’s drama “policemanFrom Amazon Studios, where he emerges his strongest role yet as an actor. But is an Oscar nomination in his future?

Singers-turned-actors had an inconsistent path toward the Oscars. While there are hits like Cher (“Moonstruck”) and Jennifer Hudson (“Dreamgirls”), Academy voters sometimes make the actors hold themselves up for a while to prove they’re the real deal. Known as the “Pretty Boy,” Styles’ celebrity status is an obstacle to overcoming her with voter awards. As Tom, the inner struggle that Styles conveys is effectively executed, and if he decides to campaign and make a play for his first Academy Award nomination, he’ll have to start by choosing Amazon to present to support the actor’s interest – which is not a fraud in the category.

Moving between younger and older versions of the three main characters over 40 years, the British drama tells the story of Tom (Harry Styles and Linus Roach), Marion (Emma koren and Gina Mackie) and Patrick (David Dawson and Robert Everett) and how events from the past affect their future when they are reunited.

Similar to “Moonlight” (2016) by Barry Jenkins, the film features main characters, not lead actors. The movie is evenly split with the younger and older versions, with no one really in control of screen time. With an impressive performance from Harry Styles and the best turn-of-the-show from Emma Corrin, Amazon Studios’ meticulous drama could be looking for prize interest, though it will be an uphill battle.

The series enters the season with the international contender “Argentina, 1985”, which premiered in Venice and the documentary “Good Night Obi”, which premiered in Telluride. With smaller films like “Catherine, Called Birdy” and “Nanny,” Amazon’s chances of loving the Oscars should be focused and strong. With Styles currently on a world tour, how much time can or will he devote to promoting the film to voters?

Corinne is an outstanding actress, displaying the pain and agony of a woman who feels betrayed by her lover. With another role this year in “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” they could find many paths to gain attention just a year after their first Emmy nomination for The Crown.

I love how the movie is the unintended 1997 reunion of a rival supporting actor with Everett, who was Julia Roberts’ best friend in “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” and Roach, who played young journalist Merton in The Wings Pigeon. Both are good. They are overshadowed by the power of their co-stars.David Dawson also keeps himself in the main scenes with Corin, but takes a back seat in the cast.

The film is adapted from the book by Bethan Roberts, written by former Academy Award nominee Ron Niswaner for Philadelphia (1993). It’s the kind of movie that could grab the attention of the Academy’s British voting block, and it’s even earned a handful of BAFTA names. As one of the top contenders on Amazon Studios, there can also be recognition for production design (from Oscar-nominated “The Imitation Game”), costumes (from Emmy Award-winner Annie Symons) and original score (from Oscar-winner “Gravity” Steven Djurkovic). Bryce).

It won’t be easy on the streaming device, but Amazon has the resources to deliver a campaign that will get the movie to the right voters. Styles’ star continues to rise. We’ll see how it goes up.

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