Henry Cavill’s Superman Sequel As Reportedly Now In Development

It was Henry Cavill and his fans too They are defending his return Like DC’s Superman for a long time, but it still doesn’t look like that man of steel The star may already grab the cape from his wardrobe and wear red and blue tights again in the sequel to the Superman movie.

Supes was last seen in 2021 Justice League Zack SnyderWhich left a better taste than the 2017 version when Joss Whedon had to digitally burn Cavill’s mustache. Outside Justice Squad Movies. Cavell Superman only appeared in one movie other than his. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. could appear in Shazam!, but a faceless body took its place because of Warner Bros. The inability to determine Cavell’s future as a hero.

Several rumors have indicated that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has heard a cry from fans who want more of Cavill in DCEU, and are constantly teasing that Superman will appear in his next movie. black Adam A movie similar to how Two heroes met At the end of DC’s Super-Pets . League.

as a new movie Sparkle he is Rumored to be a giant reset for DCEU moviesIn the early days of DCEU, some fans are concerned that it will mark the end of Cavill’s Superman Hopes series as they can create a new Superman sequel to this critical film.

Now, an industry insider doubles down on the idea, claiming that Cavill is back in a big way as the fan-favorite Kryptonian from Kansas.

Man of Steel 2? Henry Cavill is back!

Superman Henry Cavill

previous films. “Birth. Movies. Death.” Editor-in-chief and industry insider David Farage revealed:Marvelvision“Podcast that some “behind the scenes” Evidence indicates that Warner Bros. make something else Superman Movie with Henry Cavill due to Dwayne Johnson’s “The Rock” negotiations.

When asked to give more details, Farase explained that Johnson “I lobbied hard for Warner Bros. and made it go to Henry Cavill,” noting that black Adam The actor makes it easy “A new deal with Henry Cavill, including (…) a new deal Superman Movie:”

“I got more info about it. It’s not specific. It’s all behind the scenes I thought was kind of cool, which is why Henry Cavill is back in the role of Superman in black Adam Because The Rock asked for it. Like, he pushed too hard on Warner Bros. He made them go to Henry Cavill and had to sign a new deal with Henry Cavill, including saying that they would develop a new movie about Superman. And it was all because of the insistence of The Rock.”

David’s host — his brother, Devon — joked that Warner Bros. might regret agreeing to The Rock’s request for a new product. Superman A movie if it doesn’t do well at the box office, which Varasi admitted They have now locked themselves in another Henry Cavill SupermanBy agreeing to Johnson’s terms.

However, Faraci again reiterated that he had learned that Warner Bros Work on Henry Cavill Superman Movie:”

“It’s not just going to be Henry Cavill in Black Adam, my understanding is that they’re working on Henry Cavill’s Superman movie.”

This comes after many rumors that Superman Henry Cavill will not only appear in it black Adam But also in the not yet released version flash Movie.

add fuel to the fan flame, Tweet embed tweet it “Henry Cavill fans will be happy to move forward with the DC movies.” Then the user added that relations between Cavill and Warner Bros. have improved, and now “It’s not just a file black Adam Scene” Superman can appear in:

“I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, these aren’t shovels for me, but I think Henry Cavill fans would be happy to move on with the DC movies. It looks like the bridge between WB and Cavill has been crossed and it’s not just a Black Adam scene.”

Cavill’s Shaky Future as Superman in DC

It’s always been curious why Warner Bros. doesn’t jump. On Cavill more man of steel content, but it was never a question of whether Henry Cavill agreed with the idea of ​​returning as Superman. The actor already made it clear “There’s still plenty of storytelling for him to do as Superman,” He also added that he would “I would definitely love the opportunity.”

grumble Around Sparkle They suggested that Henry Cavill “It seems to be done” Like Superman after the movie screening test. It doesn’t necessarily negate the potential of his appearance, but it certainly seems that if he did appear, he would somehow be Cavell Kryptonian’s last appearance.

Of course, this news comes months after that initial report, and Sparkle He was still doing reshoots until early October. The report concluded that Movies can change a lot. In the fifteen months between the report and the scheduled release of the film. With all the constantly moving pieces in DC’s movie department, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think Superman has since been added to me Sparkle.

Some may think that this rumor is not entirely consistent with the plans of Warner Bros. For Superman in recent years. In fact, a JJ Abrams produced by Black Superman The project was reportedly in development, but production at it has slowed since the company was acquired by Discovery. Whether those plans were postponed or scrapped altogether, Cavill has been more surrounded by Superman conversations than anything to do with the unmade Abrams movie.

On top of multiple ideas for Superman in the company, man of steel Producer Charles Roven It is believed that Warner Bros. You must do it “Allow multiple insights” Superman, instead of sticking to one story. This supports new ideas like Abrams’ Black Superman or The CW’s Superman and Louis, but also promotes Warner Bros. On revisiting how many fans enjoy seeing Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Regardless of the images of Warner Bros. For Superman’s future in DC movies, The Rock seems to have made them realize that fans want to see Henry Cavill continue to be a part of it, and now that’s finally resulted in a 2013 sequel. man of steel.

Check out DCEU’s Superman Returns featured in black Adam When it first appeared in theaters on October 21.

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