Here’s where battles for control of state legislatures can affect abortion laws


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Today’s version: The Pentagon will pay service members to travel for an abortion. Everything you need to know about “Fauci of Nashville”. But first…

Battles for control of state legislatures in Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan may affect abortion access

The Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the constitutional right to abortion has raised the stakes for state legislative races across the country.

The battles for control of the legislature play out in states like the battlefield Arizona, Nevada And the Michigan – and all of them also have competitive governor races. At the same time North Carolinahaving a few Republican seats would give the party the power to override the Democratic governor’s veto.

In most years, races for Congress and governors overshadowed state legislative contests. But that’s not most years, say abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates.

The vast majority of state legislatures have been out of session since the Supreme Court overturned Raw vs. Wade in June. That means battles over new abortion restrictions or safeguards will begin next year — the first time many state lawmakers have faced such decisions since Idea Post.Ro the scientist It is no longer default.

  • “People pay attention and realize who is your governor, who is the attorney general, who is running the state legislature It is critical to your daily life and your ability to access reproductive care and abortion” Ryan Stetzlin Senior National Political Director of NARAL Pro-Choice AmericaAbortion Rights Group.

This morning, we delve into the state legislative races in four major states. (ICYMI, here’s our deep dive into ruler races, State Public Prosecution And the State Supreme Courts.)

Arizona: Republicans on Defense.

Republicans are looking to retain their majority here, though their margins are slim. The party currently holds 31 seats in the 60-member House of Representatives. In the Senate, there are 16 Republicans and 14 Democrats.

Earlier this year, the state legislature pass the law Restrict abortion after 15 weeks with limited exceptions. An Arizona judge briefly revived a near-total ban on the procedure dating back to the mid-1800s, but the Court of Appeals has since Ban the law.

Nevada: Democrats on Defense.

The Democrats are on the defensive here. The party has a 25-16 majority in the state assembly, and an 11-9 majority in the Senate.

The Republican State Leadership Committee Preselected The legislature as a potential venue for “meaningful gains in the bastions of liberalism.” But in a memo this summer, the group raised its assessment of the state, believing the party now He has a chance of heart Nevada chambers as Democrats pledged The fight to preserve it the majority of them.

In 1990, Nevada voters passed a measure that protected abortions up to 24 weeks of gestation, so a ban would be difficult to enforce. But Lindsey HarmonCEO of Planned Parenthood Voting Nevada, She says she’s concerned that the Republican-controlled legislature may try to put collars on getting abortions, such as mandatory waiting periods.

Michigan: Republicans on Defense.

This is another state legislature controlled by the Republican Party. But there is a turning point this year: an independent redistricting commission has drawn new maps of the state, creating an environment More suitable for Democrats than in the past. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has been included The state legislature as one of the “best opportunities” to earn land in the country.

The state has a near-total abortion ban dating back to 1931, which is currently prohibited. But in less than three weeks, voters will decide if they want to Upholding abortion rights in the state constitution—and the outcome of this vote will affect whether a ban can be enacted, as well as how much control state lawmakers have over access to the measure. Abortion rights groups say they are still focusing on the legislative races here as a predicate.

North Carolina: Republicans seek a supermajority.

This case is somewhat different. North Carolina has a Democratic governor, Roy Cooperwho is not about to be re-elected.

Most abortions in the state are banned after 20 weeks. However, Republicans could try to pass more restrictions if they choose just a few seats in each room. They need two seats in the Senate and three in the House in order to have a landslide that can override Cooper’s veto powers — but to do so apparently climb uphill.

The legislature here is a major focus on anti-abortion groups, such as Students for life And the SBA Pro-Life America. The latter group is working on digital mailings and ads that may be rolling out by next week, according to Stephen Bailey Vice President of State for SBA Pro-Life America.

Pentagon to provide funds and support to service members who travel for abortions

The Pentagon will pay for The department announced yesterday that service members and their dependents will travel to perform abortions if the procedure is restricted or prohibited in their location.

Memorandum issued by the Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin It seeks to address abortion rights advocates’ concerns about access to the procedure and reproductive privacy since the Supreme Court ruling. Many of the major military bases are located in states where anti-abortion laws now exist.

NB: The agency’s guidelines apply only to the travel costs needed to perform the abortions, not the procedure itself (which is military health insurance does not cover in most circumstances). This is because Hyde adjustment Federal funds for abortion are prohibited except in cases of rape, incest, or when the woman’s life is in danger.

The new policy also includes several measures to enhance privacy protections around abortions, such as the directive Ministry of Defense Health care providers do not disclose reproductive health information to leaders except in specific circumstances. The memo extends the time period during which troops are required to report a pregnancy to 20 weeks.

also … The Pentagon will now provide legal support for Department of Defense health care workers facing civil or criminal penalties for providing abortion services permitted under federal law, along with covering fees for those who wish to obtain a license in a different state. The memo says that all procedures must be completed no later than the end of the year.

Biden supports the Federal Fund for Women Seeking Abortion

President Biden It will support a federal fund to help cover the economic costs associated with seeking an abortion, he said Interview with Now this Which will be broadcast on Sunday on the company’s social media channels.

Main context: It was Biden Reply to a question From Daniel Matissena 26-year-old obstetrics and gynecology resident, who noted this several companies She began offering her employees financial assistance to get abortions, and they asked if he would support a similar program at the federal level.

“The answer is definitely,” Biden said. “I support that, and have publicly urged companies to do so.”

From our correspondents’ notebooks

our colleague Dan Diamond The Health 202 sends this post:

Fushi Nashville: The trauma surgeon who spearheaded the coronavirus strategy for one city has a familiar and unusual story.

“I am one doctor who led one task force to combat the coronavirus in one American city,” Alex Jahangir He writes in his new memoir, “HotSpotHe recounts the two years he unexpectedly spent at the helm of the Nashville Virus Task Force. “I was called a hero one day and a villain the next. That wasn’t true.”

Described as a doctor’s diary on the pandemic, Jahangir’s book addresses the known challenges the country’s public health leaders have faced, such as wrestling with virtual education and developing strategies to roll out a vaccine, but it breaks from a local perspective. He said he was “Fauci of Nashville” T.J. Ducklo, Mayor’s spokesperson John Cooper (D) Adding that the doctor’s spread and communication made him a reliable figure during the epidemic.

But instead of fighting with congressional competitors or Trump appointeesJahangir’s opponents include local bar owners and the city’s director of public health, who eventually resigned after the human resources scandal. Stopping high school football was one of his team’s toughest decisions. Like national leaders, Jahangir continues to face criticism from groups linking his recommendations for his closure to local economic and health setbacks.

Jahangir, who spoke at Politics and Prose in the US capital last night, told The Post that there is clear progress heading toward a third virus-hit winter. But he lamented the slow absorption of the booster doses and the antiviral Paxlovid.

“I think we’re in a place where most people know what they need to do to keep themselves from getting very sick and dying,” he said. “The problem – especially in the Southeast – is that we choose not to do it.”

CDC advisors support adding coronavirus vaccines to vaccine schedules

advisors Centers for Disease Control and Prevention They voted unanimously Yesterday to add coronavirus vaccines to the agency’s immunization schedules for both children and adults.

The decision to officially add the footage to the schedule now goes to the agency, which is expected to agree to the recommendation.

Adding coronavirus vaccines to the lists will not make them mandatory for anyone, A point that team members emphasized afterwards false claims It was circulated earlier this week that the agency’s new measures would force schools to order the shots. Instead, the table is intended to serve as a guide for health care workers about which vaccines people should receive and at what age.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not have the authority to mandate that students receive certain vaccines. For example, both the influenza vaccine and the HPV vaccine are on the list but are not required to attend school in many states. Also, coronavirus vaccines expressly forbidden from being listed on school mandates in at least 20 states, according to National Academy of Government Health Policy.

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