How Business Continuity is Used by Onward Technologies, Martin Currie, City Furniture, Southern Glazer’s, and Associated British Ports: Case Studies

We are in an age where downtime and cyber attacks are the new normal.

According to a report by Gartner, 98% of organizations lose approximately $100,000 per hour in downtime. It has become imperative for organizations to adopt a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to solve any operational challenge in times of attack.

See below for five case studies of how organizations across industries use business continuity solutions:

1. Martin Currie

Martin Currie It is an investment management company based in Scotland with branches across London, New York and Singapore.

The company operates more than 17.7 billion pounds sterling in assets annually and serves a range of clients, including financial institutions, foundations, charities, endowments, family offices, government agencies, pension funds, and investment funds.

Asset management, as a sector, is highly vulnerable to physical and cyber attacks.

“Our reputation for quickly responding to the needs of our customers depends on our ability to operate effectively under any circumstances,” says Alan Davidson, Director of Business Continuity, Martin Currie.

“If our IT systems are down or we are unable to communicate with our customers, this could have a significant negative impact on our business.”

Martin Currie has appointed Sungard AS as its Business Continuity Partner. The management company has set up 110 on-site recovery centers across Scotland, so no operational work is hampered by disasters. Axles are designed To immediately transfer essential personnel and continue to operate in all circumstances.

Furthermore itif Martin Currie’s first option for a recovery site is not available, the Sungard AS network infrastructure allows the company to return to alternative Sungard AS sites, with options to choose dual primary recovery sites.

industry: investment

Business Continuity Provider: Sungard AS


  • Reduce downtime risk
  • Meet your recovery time goal (RTO) within minutes
  • Minimize financial loss with fast business transition
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

2. City Furniture

Tamarack, Florida city ​​furniture It has 1,800 partners and operates 29 retail locations, two distribution centers and an e-commerce website.

The eco-conscious home furniture chain is also a senior member of the Sustainable Furniture Council.

Previously City Furniture operated its own on-premises computing operations and stored critical customer data in local data centers.

City Furniture has been looking for a reliable solution to ensure that business-critical computer operations remain unharmed by any hurricane-related disasters. The company’s IT management team was looking for a solution that could back up critical data and support network resilience, regardless of the threat of disaster.

City Furniture has ensured network resilience by moving to IBM Cloud with Kyndryl. This move created a flexible platform for cloud-based applications and efficient customer service using cognitive computing. City Furniture moved its legacy hybrid system operations to the cloud.

Kyndryl has sole responsibility for managing the company’s cloud computing operations covering Disaster Recovery (HADR) and around-the-clock system monitoring. Depending on workloads, the system can now scale up or down, so City Furniture only has to pay for the computing capacity it requires.

industry: furniture

Business Continuity Provider: kendrill


  • Scalable computing power
  • Round the clock support with network monitoring and backup to multiple cloud locations
  • Business growth rate improved

3. Wine and Spirits at Southern Glazer

Wine and Spirits at South Glazer It has operations operating in 44 US states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. The company has more than 10000 employees and business in 200 sites.

As a core business, Southern Glazer aims to conduct a disruption-free, real-time operational resilience program.

The Southern Glazer Business Continuity team has adopted a comprehensive notification system that can alert all Southern Glazer sites to potential risks and build operationally to break potential silos across the organization.

The team worked with Fusion Risk Management to critically analyze each organizational process and identify gaps and potential areas for improvement. Using this data, Fusion created a template for a continuity plan and presentation quality reports to engage management and ensure a continuous flow of information.

Southern Glazer was able to achieve an operational resilience plan with detailed and efficient dashboards, rule engines, workflows, and automation. The company can now easily manage its massive location data, supply chain, employees, and dependencies in a central repository. The organization can also segment data to visualize geographic regions and systems.

industry: Beverage Manufacturing

Business Continuity Provider: Melting Risk Management


  • Advanced automation and guided workflows
  • A comprehensive approach to operational resilience that prioritizes customer data
  • Increase collaboration and sharing across departments

4. Forward Technologies

forward technologies is a digital and engineering services company that provides digital transformation, data analysis, and embedded systems development. The Mumbai-based company employs more than 2,100 people across India, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

The company was facing a tough challenge when employees had to work remotely: to ensure seamless remote access for employees without compromising data security and to continue to deliver on all customer commitments.

Onward previously tried a firewall-based remote desktop extension to manage controls during weekends. However, the idea was not useful, given the large workload and strong graphics support required in the design floor.

Citrix Virtual Application and Desktop (CVAD) helped the company during this period without compromising customer data. Built-in security and controls, along with screen refresh for a better graphics experience, allow for the right mix of security and productivity. The relatively low bandwidth requirement of the Citrix solution was an added advantage.

industry: technology

Business Continuity Provider: Citrix


  • Greater access with secure controls
  • Improve employee experience
  • Centralize the dashboard for better management

5. Associated British ports

Associated British Ports (ABP) It is a large port operator in the United Kingdom and operates 21 ports along the coast of the United Kingdom, including Southampton, Ipswich, Newport and Hams Hall railway station.

ABP is part of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and is in contact with the Department for Transport, the Environment Agency, the Maritime Agency and the Coast Guard.

After one of the worst tidal waves in 60 years, Immingham was left submerged and temporarily inoperable with a total loss of £100m. This disaster exposed flaws in ABP’s contingency and business continuity plans.

Then ABP chose Inoni to maintain operational flexibility during critical times. Inoni’s Business Continuity Program has created a customized continuity plan to meet ABP’s growing business. The two worked together to create emergency responses and Detailed Impact Analysis Specific to each port location, along with port closing access and remote access to IT systems. The The organization can now respond with a higher level of certainty to any major incident in the future.

industry: ports

Business Continuity Provider: inoni


  • Develop structured incident response strategies
  • A unified crisis communication plan coupled with custom templates
  • ISO compliant emergency response
  • Creating Local Resilience Forums (LRFs) to create a response during disasters

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